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I-smel's News

Posted by I-smel - July 11th, 2012

I just got back from Spain and ALL I've thought about for the passed week is girls, and butts.


If you're not subscribed to my Youtube channel then hey maybe you should, cos it's PRETTY NUTS!
Guys I bought a house. It's bin surprisingly easy to figure out. I wish I could talk about stuff in video every week, but I can't talk in an empty room, it just feels too weird. So as a result I'm less good at being recorded than I wanna be. WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY NEXT POINT!!!

It's about an hour long interview with me about videogames. I mention QWOP, Streets of Rage 2, game design courses, starting a business and Newgrounds.com.
There's a part at the start where I trail off mid-sentence and forget what I was talking about. I asked him to take that part out, but he hasn't got around to it yet. It gets better after that! I recorded it about a month ago, and it's not 100% QUOTE ME ON EVERYTHING, but it's pretty good.

File > Download
Oh and here's basically a video if you're lazy.It's not as up-to-date as the playable build.

It's not a demo and it's not finished. Use the Left click to shoot, Right Click to attack, and Middle Click to switch weapons. Hold Right-Click to grab. You can use an Xbox pad now aswel if ya want.
I'm not lookin for a glitch report or anything, I just wanna know what y'all think of it. Is it fun or what? Does it look good? Does it feel good? I just switched the way you move over to a different method, and I just re-drew a bunch o stuff.
I'm currently sketching out some animations for JuicyBeast, the guys who made Burrito Bison, one of my web game of the year- BUT I WON'T SAY WHY LMFAO!!!!
OH OH OH OH OH!!!! AND CHECK OUT THE ART I MADE! I have actually started using Photoshop now and it's brilliant. I was so happy I drew something that doesn't looks like something I'd draw. I hope I draw a load more stuff in Photoshop, if only it didn't take like a whole day to do. I think my favourite artist on NG right now is Pegosho.

Please write comments about what you think of this game, and not comments about my voice, or asking if I'm scottish, or a pirate.
Steam what-light? Never heard of it. Did they announce that yet?

Posted by I-smel - June 18th, 2012

First off: I was on a podcast during E3 week, but he did like a dozen other casts that week and it's still not got around to my episode :(
Probably next week, I'll be on there. I was hoping it'd go up today so I could link it, but aaaaaa I don't wanna wait another week to post. Here's my thoughts on Indie Game: The Movie.

I was kinda torn on whether Indie Game The Movie was gonna be like a flowery, hipster "I cum when I think about Megaman, now I make videogames, happy happy joy joy" feature or if it was gonna be something I'd actually like.

From hearing about it online, I went in expecting this to be a movie I could show to people, and really wear it and say "This is what I'm doing and why". It seems kinda dumb looking back, but I wanted to just hear Jonathon Blow talk about what Braid's REALLY about, and show how videogames can have subtext and implied meanings. Then have Ed McMillen say what Time Fcuk is really about, and to have a movie that went a layer deeper than "I make games cos I played Legend Of Zelda 10 years ago it was real sweet."
I think I was hoping for this just to make myself feel better, cos in my world I'm completely alone on this whole videogames thing, and to have smart people sounding smart would be like "SEE?? IT'S NOT TOTALLY DUMB!!!"
Anyway the movie wasn't that.
Actually I was gettin this sinking feeling like 10 minutes in, cos I was realising that this isn't gonna sway anyone I know in real life on whether or not this whole thing I'm doing is just an endeavour for gross bearded hipster baby-men. This documentary just confirms that!, I thought. Then at that point I could see a huge rabbit-hole of kicking myself and worrying about things opening up infront of me, and I decided I'll just zone out and watch this movie instead.

Movie's pretty fun, it turns out.
They do MENTION how games can be about more than just jumpin' around and collecting stuff, but it's more a documentary about the people's lives than about games. You get to meet Tommy's parents, Edmund's school teacher and see Phil Fish freak out in a hotel lobby for a day before PAX, that's more the point of the movie.
I definately see myself in these guys. If you've ever bin working on a game that really got ontop of you, or ever put way too much stake in a game, this is a must-see. When Tommy said he didn't even care at that point if nobody bought it, I was like "lol YEP!", and when Jon was really put down by all the good reviews, I was like "lolYEP!"
Seeing Phil run over and kick someone off a broken demo of Fez to fix it was totally painful, cos I've totally done that.
And there's plenty of new stuff I didn't know about, even though I've seen literally HOURS AND HOURS of podcasts, interviews and panels with these guys.
Other than that it's a fun ride. Watching the games come out is intense.
Oh and there's an audio commentary track where Team Meat make fun of Phil and Jonathon Blow for 2 hours and it's real fucking hilarious. It's TOTALLY worth $9.99.

So yea: IGTM- There's some flowery "I JUST LOVE ZELDA, IT'S JUST THE BEST!!" talk, and it won't surprisingly cut down all the sad cliches of what "indie game developers" are, but you get to see Tommy Refenes really talk shit at Microsoft and the chronicling of Phil Fish's downward spiral. Making a living on games hasn't been documented this well before.

So yeah that's my whole experience with it.

That game I'm making is lookin really good. It feels like a real game, but I'm just havin trouble making it punchier and more exciting. I should put another playable demo up somewhere soon.

I watched Indie Game, it's not what I expected. Good, though.

Posted by I-smel - May 25th, 2012

That's one of my potential names. Some others are PUNCHgunner, OUTRAGE!ous, and GALACTICAMORA... So that's not going well.
I just realised in typing that that every idea I come up with sounds like an 80s DC superhero.

ANYWAY: Here's my progress:

What do you think? Are the jets on everything too much? does all the particle stuff look like a crappy photoshop filter? Does it look like some dude's first attempt at a 3D game? (cos yo it is)
I think it looks halfway between a good game and a lame game. I definately know it's gonna be zoomed out a little bit, I'll make the explosions quicker, and the guy in this test is stuck facing backwards but that's a hard thing to fix...

Super colourful though, fast, 2D animations poppin off all over the place, now you know what this game will look like. After spendin a couple weeks dragging myself through the trenches, making stuff in C# in Unity has bin pretty easy. And this literally works in a web browser. Right now. Like-- I played it yesterday in firefox, in a .swf. Just throwin it out there.

I played this 1-second clip over and over again this morning thinkin "woah, I could be doing so much more with 2D animated particle streams".

Anyway that's kind of it, that's all I got. I'm not earnin any fuckin money while I'm workin on this, just so ya know.

Here's a sprite sheet of the splash bullets make when you hit robots:

The latest on CYBERBEAST RUSH!!!

Posted by I-smel - May 5th, 2012

(Kinda just writing this cos I can't sleep)

I've bin tryina put together a really basic demo in Unity, and it's took me like a god damn week! I'm trippin up at every hurdle here, it's not easy. I felt like I had so much momentum a while ago, but ugh!

I started making materials in 3DSMax, check out my sweet art I submitted, but it turns out I can't use those. You have to WRITE YOUR OWN SHADERS! Never done that before. <-and that's the easy beginners way, that's without even learning to write renderers from a text doc.

You'd think having a 2D animated plane would be just an easy import, right? Nope! I later figured it out by doing a coding tutorial. But even now it's looping the one IN THE ASSET LIBRARY, so every time I spawn it it starts on a random frame.

and C# don't even get me started! The whole thing's a completely different world, it's like the 20+ games I've made so far got erased n I just forgot how everything works all from the start.
You HAVE to put the semi-colon at the ends of lines in the language or it'll crash and not play. How is that an improvement?
I am completely pissing off the whole Unity forum this week, boy let me tell ya.
I thought I had half of it figured out but man, I can't even get a thing to play when you click!

Nobody replied to my thread in the Newgrounds forum.
Side-note: I watched a livestream by Egoraptor, and everyone in his life is jus-- his parents love his cartoons, his roommate is Tomar, his girlfriend's down with it, he's answerin all these e-mails just sayin "Hey, everything you do is great", there's not ONE PERSON saying "Hey this is pretty weird that you're so into Megaman, dude."
...I've never even MET another person who knows what A PSP IS!!! My closest friends think I make iPhone games, or that I'm unemployed! People in my life are just getting Twitter- Watchin Avengers this week? Hell no, I can't find another person who gives a shit about HULK!
Anyway- the point is I PM'd him about this n he didn't reply. Then I PM'd HappyHarry some fan mail and he didn't reply- Unity guys don't know WHAT to do with me, I @ people all the time n get nothin- What is UP with people on the internet!?
The work comin in from Giga Megacorp has really slowed down, I've got nothin to do this week- so I spotted this guy on the front page last week and quizzed him on some stuff... nothin! I was ready to just do all the animations fr the hell of it; am I just shit or what?

Check out my new art if you didn't. Oh- that's another thing: Submitted the passed 8 pieces of art to DeviantArt: Nothin! Like- Zero views, literally. If anyone wants to tutor me in C# or pay me to make somethin, it'd be a help.

Have you ever tried switching over to 3D games? JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!

Posted by I-smel - April 25th, 2012

But seriously, how do you stay focused? LMAO NO REALLY THAT'S NOT IT EITHER!

I was gettin to sleep last night, and I'd just watched some audio commentary thing, and I fantasized about putting audio commentaries in my games. Which is something I've thought of a hundred times.
And I thought "well I'll talk about these characters and how the joke with them is that they got too much dumb luck... and I'll talk about this character and... he's all dumb luck aswel... huh... wait... EVERY character in this game got propelled to a position they're not ready for."
and it reminded me of an interview I saw with Ed McMillen where someone asked him "Why are all your protagonists ugly and disgusting?" n he was like "Wow, I don't know!... Wow! That's weird!!" and it made me think does what's going on in the back of your mind influence what you put out without you realizing it?

So I really thought about it, and dumb luck is honestly something I've bin thinking about for the passed 6 months at least.
It's not the first time I've took a sideways look at what I was doing either, I noticed in about 2008 that out of all the 20-ish games I'd made, with all these characters and dumb little worlds and adventures that were all basically stream-of-conciousness I'd never made one girl. Not even in a passing cutscene or anything, which was WEIRD when I spotted it, so like the next 3 games I made starred girls.
The first one I came up with was Jessie from Legend of JOHNNY (you don't remember? that's fine) and the whole point of that character was that she was A COMPLETE BITCH! ...and I just remembered there was one girl I made before that, it was the prostitute in Crunchdown who you get an achievement for punching.

No Time To Explain: All the characters are one guy. He goes all over the world through all sorts of times and dimension, and never meets another person. Then the final main character is revealed, and it's another You who hates you. Then there's the other consistent character who has literally one defining feature, and it's that he's a cry for help- BOY, THERE'S A GOOD POINT TO CHANGE THE SUBJECT!!

I submitted a tonne of art! 1 2 3 I'm not an art guy, but I got that last one on the front page, and everyone seems to like it. I'm makin these to flesh out the world and style of this new game, and I could go into detail on what I learned from each one, but this post is pretty long already. It's nothing amazing.

OH-- AND!!!! I started work on something for NATA, but then the company who's contracted me said "hey, make this fuckinn... Dutch guy's iPhone game trailer" so now I'm animating that instead. THEMS THE BREAKS, SWEETHEART!!!!
The good news is that while doing this, I remembered I fucking hate animating full-length cartoons. I animate a tonne o small stuff all day, and that's great, but man, animating big stuff is fucking draining. fuckinn... SO MANY FRAMES!!!!

Anyway yeah, comment on that thing I said before, or my art portal stuff. Right after I was thinkin about that I thought "Alright let's think... Dan Paladin made Alien Hominid... and Castle Crashers... and BattleBlock... so... fuck, well those are just regular games." So MAYBE IT'S JUST BULLSHIT! YOU TELL ME.

Here's a question for people who make things:

Posted by I-smel - April 4th, 2012

I posted a prototype of a game I'm making a while ago, and I'm tits-deep in iPhone games right now so I just work on it on weekends and stuff.

The WIP name is "GRIZZLY" or "PUNCHgunner" (who cares) and it's a shoot-em-up beat-em-up hybrid. If you haven't played the prototype, then you should.

Since last time, I've made some new enemies. I guess these are spoilers, cos the game's gonna come out at some point:

The Grower is an enemy who inflates over time, until he explodes and causes a high-damage radial splash.
If you try to use bullets, or lasers, or any other ammunition weapon, that'll boost his size and he'll grow much faster. Using a melee attack will shrink him down, until he dies like every other enemy.
The Grower's explosion DOES hurt other enemies, so it can be a tactical advantage to encourage him to explode. But shrinking him to death with slash attacks will give you a fat grip o coins to spend on new weapons and perks. Freezing him will make him shrink slowly, and burning him will make him grow much faster.

Video's a pretty good explanation of these guys. I'm thinking they could latch onto other enemies and mutate them into something more dangerous. BECAUSE- At this point I figured out how to do THIS:

Enemies that interact with each other. These little pistol ships (which you can grab, and hold as an outward-facing weapon) will swarm around an electric storm ball if one is onscreen.
The storm ball will electrocute you and drain health if you get close, so they do it for protection.
Also it makes their shots more concentrated around one spot, which means getting hit will FUCK YOU UP!!

Snake dude is about 30 (or any number of) seperate enemies. You can clip him in half (or thirds, or quarters or whatever) by hitting one of his segments. This enemy has bin changed since the video, he now splits into 2, 3 or 4 individual snakes that independantly chase you. The head is vulnerable and will pop easily with a couple shots.
Don't use an explosive weapon like a mine, cos it'll just unclip ALL PIECES and you'll have 30 heads chasing you, and will probably die.

These enemies hold shields, which means they're invincible unless they're attacking. You can see in the video that you can brute-force through the shield, and also steal it off him to wear for yourself. Or throw.
Their AI is coded to stand infront of smaller enemies, protecting them and soaking up bullets.

I stole this guy from Devil May Cry 4. It's like my fave game. What, you got a problem with that? BUDDY??

So far there's 10 enemies, and a buttload of weapons. That's a great number for a web game, but I wanna get this to the point where I can sell it for $5 to $10. This is crappo programmer art, btw, it's not gonna look like this. I can DO THAT, but I've not pitched it to Alex, my producer, yet. I wanna have a SOLID SOLID SOLID outline of what the game is before I dive in head-first, cos otherwise it'll seem thin and messy like No Time.
Also I'll have to find someone who can code in C# or C++, because Flash will piss everyone off. Hopefully coding this all myself first will let people feel confident that we're not just some idiot jerks.

I did some concept art, and I'll be doing more to just communicate what atmosphere I'm thinking of. I want it to be all wild, colourful, impactful Gainax bullshit (which is why there's so much fucking camera shake). Also I want it to be MAD FUNKY and pink as all fuck.
You play as a bear riding a mech by accident, kind of... KIND OF!! It's a goofy plot.

Still a tonne of concept work to do, especially if I wanna charge people for this. God, can you imagine? I don't even know if this is what I'm officially doing next, I probably shouldn't even be posting it.
but WHO CARES, MAN?? WHO-- who fuckinnnn- like- yknow?? like who's.. who's gonna fuckin "Stop posting things!" right? You know what I mean.

For a really in-depth blog of how this is getting made, hit up this kind of rush. ...Tigsource doesn't seem to be interested. I dunno. They never give a damn, I don't know what's up. Make a pixelated wizard rogue-like n they go nuts, I make this n noone fuckin notices. pppffffffff. *poop noise* that's what I say.
A lot of people ask me why I don't finish a fighting game I made once, but hopefully you can all see why this is more interesting.

That's it. Just wanted to talk about this game. I'm excited (about it).
MAN, WOULDN'T THIS BE BETTER AS A VIDEO?? GOD! I've tried video blogging, I just can't do it.

Pre-production blog

Posted by I-smel - February 20th, 2012

First things first, giant big thanks to JeffAwesome who drew nearly every game character I've made since the beginning. EVEN THE GUY FROM THE GODDAMN TITLE SCREEN OF MIGHTY TOWER. EVEN BAZOOKER!!!!!
I promised I wouldn't make a new post until these games are out, but they'll be up THIS WEEK! I just signed a deal on RoadTrip Rampage and Digital Sky, and the word is "you can put em up on Newgrounds and Kong whenever". (ppssssst i dont care when they go up on kong)

Check out the comments in my last news post, cos I spoke to Kajenx for a sec about transitioning to bigger games. It's difficult in unexpected ways, so it should put into perspective just how well Glaiel and StarOgre are doing, now that they're winning everything and becoming trillionaires loved by everyone.

A few weeks ago I made a couple really dumb really small games: Paperboy 2012 and SOPAnoid. They each took like an hour to make and were pretty spontaenious. I felt bad about the SOPA one, cos I actually don't follow politics and am not that kinda guy at all- it was just a small joke, but everyone thought I was being really passionate about it. So I came up with a new game that was more reflective of what I think is funny and what I think about, and it came out as this really mean-spirited comedy thing called How To #SaveTheWorld. As news stories came up, you had to change all your avatars and statuses to make sure everyone knew you were against them; and then quickly change them back once it all died down. The game was to be as synchornized with current events as you could, and that's how you fix all the world's problems.
So that got boring and I figured everyone would just hate it.

I'M STILL WORKING AT GIGANTIC MEGACORP GIGATECH INCORPORATED! My first job was to make a new mascot to refresh one of their sites. I wish I could show the concept work I did cos it looks really artsy and cool, but I bet I'm not allowed.
I guess this lil guy is my responsibillity now, which is really fun. I do all the art and animation concerning him/her:
Roadtrip Rampage
Digital Sky
Someone else's game that I'm somewhat helping out on <- my favourite so far

I'm also prototyping a couple new games. This is one I'm really excited about, I want it to be my next big swing at a for-sale game. I'm making a small version in Flash, and maybe I'll flesh it out into a web game first: It's a scrolling shooter that drops all that bullet-hell crap that I hate, and replaces it with more of a beat-em-up design. So it feels more tactile and has more interesting enemy behaviors- It's similar to Legend of Johnny.
Here's the .exe, cos it uses the right-click.
You can grab n throw guys by holding the right-mouse, and there's a tonne of weapons to try out. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK!!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??????

Oh and also I wanna make a lil RPG where literally every mechanic is replaced with a fuckin Wii Sports golf meter. It'll be the most accessible videogame ever. So that could be funny.

OH AND I DREW CANNONCROTCH. Remember Cannoncrotch? No? Well...
Anyone else watchin The Tester? Yeah, pretty dumb show, right.
Thanks to Jeff Nitzberg for my posters.
IGN are giving out copies of No Time To Explain in IGN Prime this week, so sign up to that if you want the game for $3 (don't know if I'm allowed to say that).
Also, CONGRATS to Pokemon Tower Defense for reaching NINE POINT FIVE MILLION HITS before finally dropping from the front page after about 10 months!

That's it.
Oh and nice redesign, Newgrounds.

Posted by I-smel - January 10th, 2012

We submitted No Time to Steam again. We fixed everything, packaged both games together, made it fullscreen, and added all that stuff people were asking for. Everyone's asking us if we'll give out codes to everyone who already bought it, but FUCK IF I KNOW, MAN! That's not up to us.
We're asking for it, and if we don't get it then it's because they said No. It's not cos of some... sneaky plan so everyone buys it twice, or anything weird. So don't get weird on me about it.

So let's say this is the end o the road for this game. WHAT NOW!? Well web games are pretty fuckin scary right now. Have you seen this Flash game? That's a .swf file that you can submit to Newgrounds, right now, the same way every other game goes up. And I can't stop playing Kingdom Rush! I don't even LIKE tower defense!!
The last game I sold on FGL went for $1000, I kinda suck at this. Is anyone else still doin the art n code on their own?

Anyway I skipped AS3; jumped into Unity and tried some C#. It's fairly easy, I made a canabalt. I've got some Flash prototypes of what our next full digital-download for-sale game could be, and I'll post those here as soon as they're showing some good ideas. They're thicker and more interesting mechanics than was in No Time, but still something a couple dudes could make in under 10 months.
My ideal plan, hopefully, is to design a game top to bottom, then find a better coder than me. Then we can both focus on two halves of how to make a game, instead of me playing catch-up on every part and it coming out broken.
I wrote a blog post about planning a new game, but I've not put it up yet. Here's a temp version of it. Comedy games, right? What's up with that?

But coming up with ideas DON'T PAY THE BILLS! I'll have loads of time to not worry about making games for a while, as I've bin brought aboard Casual Social Facebook iPhone App Hashtag-Trending Focus-Testing How-Can-We-Make-This-Look-More-Like-An gry-Birds Megacorp .inc to do some wetwork.
They sent me this, I sent them this, they sent me this, and we all laughed. Am I allowed to share that? Probably not?
I've got a few dragons and robots to redesign, and my main job is to animate a unique intro for all the games they buy. Like the old Megadrive games 1 2 3. So that'll give me some good time to come up with a project #2.
Cos oh my god are indie games good these days or what. I came up with No Time in the shower, that's not gonna fly twice. I personally am NOT expecting to get on Steam (if you ask me)

In other Newgrounds news I think Ortus got Kickstarted, Egoraptor is officially on a reality TV show, and here's Ed McMillen on a podcast. Did you know Komix coded Binding of Isaac? Here's seven photos of Max Gilardi (Whacky Game Jokez 4 Kids) growing up, which I laughed at. And check out exetra's new album fa chrimeny's sake.

That's probably it.
Some fucking hentai game that 4chan made came out and the whole goddamn internet is talking about it, it's really annoying.

Posted by I-smel - December 8th, 2011

No Time Season 2 comes out on the 15th of December, and I should write a post here now because I think this is where 100% of the game you wanna make turns into 90%. I've totally got enough time to finish this final boss, and pepper extras around some levels. All that stuff is lookin fine.

BUT- HERE'S THE STUFF you don't think about when you're just the guy playing it: We were gonna use UserTesting.com to get a hundred people to play through the game so we could clean out any game-stopping bugs; but it turns out they're not accepting games any more. I guess they got too many other people sending in games, they just do websites and apps now.
So I guess we have to figure out some kind of closed beta? Cos we can't find any other service like that.

Also as soon as possible: If we wanna submit the game to Steam again, we'd better fuse Season 1 and Season 2 into one full game. Right? Cos then it'll be a good few hours long, and I can confidently say that people should get it. But how do I do that? Turns out it's not that easy- you CAN use loadMovie(); to have one application switch between both games, but no chance in hell are we selling people a folder with 2 swf files in it. And we're not uploading it for the game to load from a server either.
It turns out making an exe with 2 games in it ISN'T something people do all the time.

Also someone we hired is arguing about something? It's not in English so I have NO IDEA what it's about. I can say that I'm 110% happy with the voicing, the music and we comissioned Jeff the artist again to make us another poster. Huge thanks to all those guys, if you're reading, cos that stuff has all bin relatively super easy and nicely done.

So yeah I thought I'd take a pitstop here; I think making games on Newgrounds has numbed me to fan feedback, cos you get a thousand reviews for everything here. From my point of view, I'm not worried about watching a review on Youtube, I'm not worried about some dude on Twitter, or the fan people we met at Minecon. I am way more invested in what's happening behind the scenes.
I couldn't IMAGINE doing this without Alex, the producer, because so much time and money goes into stuff you don't even think about when you see a trailer for a game.

Anyway I hope that was interesting. When this is done I'm gonna release 2 finished games on Newgrounds (regular old free games) and then I'm gonna animate some branding stuff for some people for a while. As a job.
Then I'll show some prototypes I've got for what we could do next.

EDIT-- I think I'm writing this cos I'm seeing so many personal insults headed towards the Minecraft guys, and I hate how people talk about game developers as if they're completely braindead shits just cos they nerfed a character or took out an item or whatever, it's so annoying.
this is unrelated

Puttin a game together sure can be difficult!

Posted by I-smel - November 20th, 2011

AND THAT WAS MY FIRST CON! Incase you didn't know, I had a booth at Minecon in Las Vegas, and I'm in my hotel room now on the last day. Somewhere around midnight I came out of a strip club remembering there was an after-party so... if you went to that then please tell me about it.

MineCon was FFUUUUUUUUUULL, it was sold out at 3,000 people. Kids love our game, people recognized us, 4 people asked me for an autograph, 2 people interviewed me, one guy asked "Is I_smell here" (it was Joshua Tomar. I forgot to tell him how much I think Girlchan is REAL-LIFE-COMEDY FUNNY next to my bullshit that's just internet-funny)
There was a good handful o people there who made games you've heard of. Octodad, Retro City Rampage, Crayon Physics, Terry Cavanagh, Danny Baranowski-- but I didn't really talk much. I made small talk to a couple people like "hey this looks really cool!" or "yeah man, publishers suck!" but that gets boring pretty quick.
A lot of stuff I said to people probably came out sounding like a jerk, such as "I don't really get Minecraft" or "If your game plays backwards then why does it get harder? Wouldn't it get easier?" or "Wow! 18 people made this?? Jesus!" but y'know... can't think of a way to finish this paragraph.
We gave a talk about how we made a videogame, and there's a TONNE o stuff I forgot to mention, but it went pretty well. Everyone laughed at the right parts, it was a full crowd, I've never done that before. Tyler Glaiel was watchin from the back but I'm pretty sure he was just waiting fr us to finish so he could get his HDMI cable back so he could leave... sorry about that.

That was another thing- everyone's booth had a PC running; we didn't have a computer or even electricity for a while. We overcame it by using our own laptops, and next time we're bringing chairs, fuck the system.
Terry Cavanagh (VVVVVV) spoke to me for a sec and said "hey we talked on email that time" which was funny because I remember coming off as a dick that one time (I wont write down the whole conversation) and I ESPECIALLY felt like a dick because Alex saw his booth being empty as an opportunity to spam it with vouchers for our game... actually the whole convention was covered in half-price stickers for our game; I'm here with a marketing producer and 2 people who organise game conferences, so they basically saw the whole thing through Terminator-vision.

It's bin fun and weird, Vegas is INSANE but I'll leave that out. If you're the guy who expected me to be at the after-party then I am sorry, but I'm not THAT sorry cos I had a pretty good time anyway.

EDIT-- This is the trailer ending I originally had before we came to the conclusion that i was the only person on earth who laughed at it. Still wanna get it out there somewhere:

I went to Minecon and all I released was this lousy trailer