Hey look man, my name's "I-smel". What I lack in smarts, I at least pay back in honesty. Boink!

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What's up NGers, hopefully this doesn't feel like an ad, but I really wanna chat about a game we're releasing right now, here's a Let's Play:


It's Boid! A strategy game that's chiseled down to just the essentials. No base-building, no resource-mining, just the fun part where you sneak around and outsmart each other. It's a common format of an RTS with games like Eufloria and Tentacle Wars out there in browsers, but I don't think anyone's really reached out to the Steam audience yet with a big competetive online push.

I'm not a big RTS guy, I think Starcraft is terrifying, so I've been excited about Boid since we first saw it. I like the idea of those games, but it's usually such an uphill struggle to figure them out- now here's this thing where a typical match is about 6 minutes and it's exactly what I needed. I'm still making tactical decisions on managing a hundred units on a map, but without pouring half an hour into mining ore to build refineries to build power plants to build factories. I think it's a great example for all of the 2-man-teams out there on how to condense a project down, and still deliver the games you want to play.

The developer is a promising small studio named Mokus. I've met Max, who's the designer, and he's about as talented and interesting of a developer you could ask for. He's reasonable, informed, humble, and surprising! The guy got into games as a side-project from break-dancing. The only thing that was bugging me all year was "Why would he name it Boid?" -but eventually I really searched it out and it ends up at thisff huge rabbit-hole of simulated flocking algorithms, which get cited a lot in building strategy games. Cool!

Boid is one of the games I play in my off-hours, and I'd reccomend checking out academically as a developer. I'm legit proud of the stuff we put out as a publisher! Did anyone spot us as a sponsor for Awesome Games Done Quick?

Life-wise, I went to Rome with my amazing-cool girlfriend and then spent New Years snowboarding in Slovenia with my friends. I met a jazz-pianist in Maribor, we smoked cigars and talked about the socialist agenda and the collapse of Yugoslavia! People are so cool, everyone's got a life, it's amazing.

That's it for now- bye! Happy 2015!


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