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I-smel's News

Posted by I-smel - January 9th, 2015

What's up NGers, hopefully this doesn't feel like an ad, but I really wanna chat about a game we're releasing right now, here's a Let's Play:


It's Boid! A strategy game that's chiseled down to just the essentials. No base-building, no resource-mining, just the fun part where you sneak around and outsmart each other. It's a common format of an RTS with games like Eufloria and Tentacle Wars out there in browsers, but I don't think anyone's really reached out to the Steam audience yet with a big competetive online push.
I'm not a big RTS guy, I think Starcraft is terrifying, so I've been excited about Boid since we first saw it. I like the idea of those games, but it's usually such an uphill struggle to figure them out- now here's this thing where a typical match is about 6 minutes and it's exactly what I needed. I'm still making tactical decisions on managing a hundred units on a map, but without pouring half an hour into mining ore to build refineries to build power plants to build factories. I think it's a great example for all of the 2-man-teams out there on how to condense a project down, and still deliver the games you want to play.

The developer is a promising small studio named Mokus. I've met Max, who's the designer, and he's about as talented and interesting of a developer you could ask for. He's reasonable, informed, humble, and surprising! The guy got into games as a side-project from break-dancing. The only thing that was bugging me all year was "Why would he name it Boid?" -but eventually I really searched it out and it ends up at thisff  huge rabbit-hole of simulated flocking algorithms, which get cited a lot in building strategy games. Cool!

Boid is one of the games I play in my off-hours, and I'd reccomend checking out academically as a developer. I'm legit proud of the stuff we put out as a publisher! Did anyone spot us as a sponsor for Awesome Games Done Quick?

Life-wise, I went to Rome with my amazing-cool girlfriend and then spent New Years snowboarding in Slovenia with my friends. I met a jazz-pianist in Maribor, we smoked cigars and talked about the socialist agenda and the collapse of Yugoslavia! People are so cool, everyone's got a life, it's amazing.

One more thing, I have this prototype I like right now, it's codenamed Battle Snooker. It's like a turn-based RPG battle-system, but in the interface of a pool game, or mini-golf or whatever.
When you hit an enemy ball with your ball, you deal it 25 damage.
If you bounce off a wall first, that's +5 damage.
If you riccochet a support-ball into an attack-ball, and then that hits the enemy, that's double damage.
All enemy balls within the effective radius of your support-ball take +10% damage.
And vice-versa, the enemy also lines up these tricks on you during their turn!

It's suitable for online play, suitable for mice, or gamepads, or tablets or god-damn whatever! I think it's a cute idea and I hope it evolves into something that feels intelligent and new. I'm aiming for Advance Wars meets Peggle. Nothing official, just a project on my hard-drive :)

That's it for now- bye! Happy 2015!


Posted by I-smel - October 11th, 2014

Hello Newgrounds.com! It's me :)))


I guess my last update was in about April. News since then is basically that everyone loves SpeedRunners, and tinyBuild has published Lovely Planet, Spoiler Alert and Fearless Fantasy! SpeedRunners and No Time To Explain are headed to Xbox One, incase you didn't hear. I appeared at Gamescom and PAX Prime, and tinyBuild as a company has appeared at goddamn every event on the face of the earth.1501378_141303158331_n.jpgMe, Tasha and Chris Broncel: SpeedRunners fan #11501378_141303158262_fb105f1037ebdd500a0e7b44ecd53810.pngIt takes this many people to run our massive PAX booth! (and two XBox ONE stands downstairs, and an Indie Megabooth stand)

Right now this week I'm animating lots of speedy Speedrunners characters going in soon in the next update. Am I allowed to talk about our tie-ins with other games? No. But I can tell you that we finally have extra animation help! We met Studio YOTTA at PAX. They're a major part of a lot of Newgrounds talent like Harry Partridge and Egoraptor and whoever the new meat on the block is. They are a smidge better than me, so very happy to be in these guys' portfolio.

So that's business but what am I up to as a person? Well I made a lasagna today and that was a big first for me. It's kind of wet, but it tastes good, I think it came out a lot better than I expected to be honest.
I hopped around Europe a lil bit, I went to Belgium, Barcelona, Budapest and Hamburg. I'll be heading to Slovenia for new years!1501378_141303158132_4684ebf9f0c6ca9a15c0da2e39cb3c35.png
PROOF, it's me in Budapest.
I couch-surfed and we hosted a magician here at our house, and I did mushrooms, tonne o girls, etc. The guy below me is the developer of Unreal Flash right here on Newgrounds, SMALL WORLD RIGHT?? Wow!

So this is me jamming all the big positive news into one post, but it's obviously there are downsides too. I went travelling by myself mainly to face a big phobia I had of being alone, or just by myself outside, and it was pinning me down in a lot of ways. Also I had an anxiety attack at PAX, like a full-on I lost my hearing and vision, and all I could feel was my heart kicking the merciless hell out of me. Nobody's life is just 100% rainbows and there are things that keep me up at night the same as everyone else, I think it's always important to say that. I have to be a lot more of a suit now that tinyBuild is doing well, but that's just something my body's not doing, and I crash up against the shore every time. I'm a developer-ass developer, really, I got into this to design and animate and code. I'm John Lasseter, not Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is an asshole.
So I'll probably be in the office working on new stuff if you're ever lookin for me at PAX again, I'm sorry guys!

So to end on a lighter note I'm really happy right now with my gitlfriend Eve, she tames wild horses and rides a motorbike and shoots guns, she's a cutey.

If you'd like to keep an eye on me, my twitter is @tombrientweets and you can try adding me on facebook if you wanna be friends! Sorry I can't talk more, but y'know, it'd just be the size of a fuckin book I can't shorten these posts down.
Til next time, Newgrounds! I'll upload more games here some day, I promise! :)1501378_141303158032_55a6e908e7b114dc9aa45439d8c3005d.pngThis fuckin' guy...

Posted by I-smel - May 22nd, 2014

We're workin on an update for SpeedRunners that depends on a lot of hand-drawn animation. Lots of 1-second clips and victory poses for each character. If you think you're can pick up the work for some of these, or know someone who can, it'd help us hit some deadlines and be a big help :)

Also I made a personal twitter outside of the company tinyBuild one. So catch up with that if you're interested in cartoons getting drawn or games getting designed.
Here's a quick page I wrote on SpeedRunners characters too!

Outside of that, things are still good, I'm still pretty excited about things. I guess this post is all business, sorry!

Anyway, love ya! <3


Posted by I-smel - April 11th, 2014

Hey what's up, I was looking through my old posts the other day and I remembered my old Legend of JOHNNY dev-log. It's so much fun for me reading all that stuff I don't remember! So here's a slice of how that would look if I was doing it for Jet-Getters.

The rest of tinyBuild is at PAX right now, rubbing shoulders with such imposing celebrities as Tom Fulp. I'm back at the office. Check out our booth #656 if you're for some reason reading this while you're there. Jet-Getters is playable!

14th April 2014!

This week I added local multiplayer split-screen. It was really easy with Unity actually! Adding local hopefully means that I can test some multiplayer ideas now without waiting for all the networking code to be cleaned up. Also I added some UI stuff for the demo, like Xbox button prompts and handy tips, etc.

The new environment art is looking good, but not extremely good. Maybe we'll do a higher-poly version of it, I've been very conservative with that stuff so far. The level is made out of lots of seperate pieces so that we can build levels and tear them down when designs change, re-arrange em more easily.

Here's what I've been thinking about this week, gameplay-wise: For a full post on the potential transforming monster-class, see my last Kickstarter update.
I'm actually posting a lot of design stuff there, so pledge a dollar if you wanna join in. I'd like it to all be public eventually though.

Recent ideas have been TAGGING ENEMIES.
I personally hate tagging enemies, and mini-maps, and any mechanic that lets you distill a person down into a UI element. I want the games to be about interacting with characters and people, not icons. However, we have this mechanic in where you can surf the back of a team-mate's jet and cover their flank. Being that a big focus of the design philosiphy on this one is TEAMWORK, it'd be nice to be able to tag enemies chasing your friend. It's to let your friend know he's in trouble, and you can only really tag enemies to help other team-mate players. In that context, I think the game will gain from it more than it'll lose, so I'm quite happy with implementing this.


Also this week I've been thinking about SEAGULLS! Having birds flying around is just one more thing to fly passed that gives you a better sense of motion through the air, so thumbs up on that. I remembered hanging onto eagles in Shadow of the Collossus, though, and that's such a goofy fucking stunt that I think it belongs in JetGetters.
Tactically, they'd just be there to prolong your falling for a little bit, and wouldn't be all that impactful of an addition. Funny easter egg though!

God look at that animation in Shadow of the Collossus, it's so natural, isn't that amazing?
I wanna push our animations to be more wild; we'll get there.

I've been thinking about stationary environment pieces aswel, like a Halo man-cannon, or a Bioshock Infinite sky-rail to ride around, and turrets have always been a thing on the shelf... nothing concrete to report though. I'll try it all soon.

That's an update! Everything else in my life right now is feeling a little bit sour that I'm not at PAX, but hey it's happening right now, I've been pretty okay with it most of the time. Also still internet dating!! It's fun, it's an adventure, I'd reccomend it. I met some pretty girls, most of em kinda shy and plain, couple of em really fucking exciting and cool! It's fun, I got a playmate :)

That feels like a douchebaggy note to end on, so uhhhhhhh-... OH HEY go play Aces Wild!! 
Man, what a game! I think if I'd have continued down the path I was on with Legend of JOHNNY, I might have made Aces Wild. It's a very interesting take on beat-em-ups, it gets really hard and fast and intense. You're always one button away from cashing in all your firepower for more health-- BUT WHEN DO YOU MAKE THAT CALL?? It's a razor's edge thing, it's cool.

Posted by I-smel - March 21st, 2014

What's up, I got you this trailer.

help, i cant embed videos :(

JetGetters is on Kickstarter. We shopped around for investors for about a year, but investors want you to make the next Candy Crush, not Just Cause 2 meets Team Fortress. So lets just see if KS works out.


I've talked about JetGetters a llooooooootttt already, but long-story-short it's a team-based, class-based air-combat game. You can ejector-seat out and hijack people, and surf on their planes, and shoot while sky-diving. Ask me anything about hijacking aeroplanes.

Right now we have a booth at GDC, the world's first tinyBuild tinyBooth! I'll be in the office all month to be involved with guys like you while everyone else is at GDC and PAX. Bummer! I mean uh--- cool!

Did you notice one of the tiers on the Kickstarter is that you get like 9 different games? tinyBuild is publishing games now, we started doing this with SpeedRunners last year, and things just recenlty snowballed including BIT Brawlers made by Newgrounds Illumni Village Blacksmith, and Fearless Fantasy from the truly one-of-a-kind SpikeValentine! Did you play any of Eli Pilonen's games? Cos yeah, him too, his latest is Not The Robots.


Ya see how half the front page news posts are about developers branching out and trying to get their games through KickStarter and Greenlight right now? That's our business now, we help flash game developers publish their games outside of the flash game market, and transition into developing for other platforms. If you know how to MAKE games, but not SELL them, then hit us up at contact@tinyBuildGAMES.com

It's not gonna be me though, I'm hardcore on the design and development side. JetGetters art and design docs, that's me right now. I made that trailer up there! Here's an example: We're thinking about equipping perks and bonuses on your dude, and jet, individually. Because you play as the same pilot for the whole match, but jets get swapped over all the time- so if someone has an ability you really want, you can steal it! Combining with your own pilot's ability, that could be really interesting. What if you attached BAD perks to your jet, to surprise and trap thieves? That'd be something so unique to JetGetters! The downside of perks, which I hate, is that you can't SEE what someone has equipped. It's not fair. This is why we're leaning on having 4 distinct classes right now, with their abilities built-in, so that you always know what you're facing up against. Lots of design decisions getting hammered into shape, please ask me about it because I could talk about it all day.

We'll have another booth at PAX, so if you missed Lerika and Yulia at GDC then don't worry they'll be there too! Also you can play SpeedRunners again, it was a big hit last year.

This is a big post, sorry if I'm just fucking spamming. In my real life I'm very harrowingly ashamed to admit that I am into internet dating right now. Don't tell anyone. I have 3 dates this week though, it's pretty exciting. I got back into kickboxing this week, I kicked a guy's ass hard. At the end I said "So how's your weekend? St Patrick's Day, probably got super drunk, right?"

"No I'm fifteen."

WELP!-- That was that. Ask me about kickboxing, Amsterdam, online dating, and JetGetters design challenges, I could just talk and talk and talk.

Posted by I-smel - January 7th, 2014


I'm Tom, from tinyBuild, we publish games on Steam. We have a teaser trailer for our next game animated in Maya, and we need somebody to do the final effects, lighting and post-production work so that we can have a nice public trailer.

Here's a clip! This game is about aeroplanes.

Please send your details and a quote to contact@tinyBuildGAMES.com Or post here, I'll check back!


Any suggestions on where else I should ask, or anyone I should PM, then hey, tell me about it.

Posted by I-smel - November 22nd, 2013

What up Newgrounds!!! Here's our latest trail for SpeedRunners, you should buy it:

SpeedRunners is doin A-OK! I'm a lot happier working on this than I am my previous game, because it's a lot more fun to play! I love testing new levels in the office, I could play it all day. Our office is big now, there's about 6 people in there usually, tinyBuild's a fuckin legit company. SO MUCH WORK TO DO BEFORE CHRISTMAS OH MY GGOOOOODDDDD!!!!!!

tinyBuild is gonna publish it's first game that I've barely touched at all soon. Scary stuff. We almost published a COUPLE o games so far, but the deals didn't stick. I can't say which ones, but they're good ones. I just went to CASUAL CONNECT recently, it's in UKRAINE. Very fun, reading кириллица is cool. It's that russki-speak with all the ДЖИЛҀФЦЧЩЮѺѮѰ crazy fucking nonsense. It's cool to walk around a city that looks like that. I'm going back there soon for DevGAMM. I'm giving a talk on animation, so I hope I do a good job of it. If it's online, I'll share later.

Our game JetGetters is about to get a public announcement maybe next week. It's fucking scary cos I haven't touched that project in forever- but when you have a business with a tight schedule of getting shit done then you have to start promoting a game before it works. Aint no stoppin this train we're on, that's reality, buddy! It should be a really fucking amazing game... in theory.


Like any of these? Can you think of a better one? We went back and forward on it a lot, and eventually leaned back into JetGetters, but please tell me what you think is a good name.

Fuckin shit newgrounds, the passed 6 months of my life have bin the highest highs and the lowest lows. Move to a different country if you ever wanna mix things the fuck up- I'm over here waitin for the arrival of SinterKlaas right now and the annual racism festival. Tell ya what, I'm pretty bummed out living in a house by myself right now though. Noone to talk to :( any tips on that?

Oh and I have not even NOTICED there's a PlayStation 4. I haven't played a videogame in forever, holy fuckin moley.

Told you I'd keep in touch!

Posted by I-smel - September 14th, 2013

If I'd have told myself when I was 18 that I'd be exhibiting a game at PAX, I might've lost my damn mind- but so many other things are going on with me right now, and so many things happened on the way to doing this, that I kind of just feel completely normal about it.
Oh- here's some art I've bin submitting. It's JetGetters pre-production stuff for finding the tone and atmosphere of the world. Some of it's useful to us, some of it's just kinda scrap.

SpeedRunners is out, on Steam Early Access. We'll be updating one new level this week, AI players are going in, and there'll be a new weekly 'What If' event this Thursday, and every Thursday from now on.
Last week's What If was "What if every powerup was the golden hook? SpeedHookers"
Play this Thursday to see "What if missiles rained from the sky on every level? SpeedRapture"

So first off, like how do you get to PAX? For the passed year or so, Newgrounds has been a hotbed of people looking to transition out of Flash games. This is my second game on Steam, and here's what I did: work with other people.
Newgrounds is famously business-deaf. It doesn't follow the trends of whatever Kongregate or Armor or whoever else is doing, and I've talked at length about how I like that, and how much fun it is. I'm also that guy. When someone on FGL contacted me about splitting this game's revenue so he could be the producer: I said fuck no. A bit later I came around, and it's gone great. I fucking could not have done the Kickstarter for No Time, I couldn't have sold it myself, I would not be on Steam or promoted anywhere at all, and I wouldn't be showing this new game at PAX, and so on. It's having useful contacts that got us a space on the expo floor, or that got us any of the interviews we did. We were busy the whole week demoing the game for press sites and blogs, and youtubers. It's not me organizing that by myself, it's a couple people I'm working doing this while I'm animating bullcrap in the office. I do not know how to write a press release, or buy ads on a website.
There was about 5 of us at PAX, and I think it took all of us to utilize our time there.

Anyway what FUN stuff happened at PAX? I met this fuckin dude again, him and Porter are working on new stuff swallowed up in HouseOGames.
Egoraptor came over with the fuckin Game Grumps entourage. He's tall in real life. They had business cards for this Lets Play channel, it was weird. I said I watched the panel of him and Max at that pony event, and as soon as I said "panel" he knew exactly which one I was gonna bring up, and apologetically told me Max was a really nice guy in real life. I love Max and I love that panel.
I met Tom in real life, finally. He was playing Papers Please right next to us for like 40 minutes, I was dieing for him to stand up so I could say hi. I got the hot scoop on what Behemoth's doing, and I guess for some reason asked why Newgrounds doesn't have more business-dedicated staff. He talks about it in this interview. Don't know why I brought that up, I guess I'm infested with business-toxins now.
I was lined up to meet Erik Wolpaw, but he was too hooked on the Dota tournament to be there. I did meet Chet Faliszek all over the place though, and it felt really cool to be chatting to that guy in-person. I wish I had a good avenue to really think about comedy work.
Tommy Reffenes played our game for a minute, but honestly I made the best friends with a bunch of fucking people you've never heard of. Our team is all way better friends now, and I hit it off with the girl giving out badges on Little Legends. I don't know shit about the freemason inner-circle of successful indie devs, and I don't think you ever have to. Rihannen was the funnest person there, and all she did was fix GameBoys.

Wrappin it up: Here's a photo of me settin up at "The Indie After Party", one of about 30 different after-parties lined up around Seattle. We had SpeedRunners set up there, and it was fucking packed with people playing the whole night. It was very cool to see, especially since I'd been explaining how-to-play to a hundred people for the passed 2 days. They handed out Free Drinks tickets to us exhibitors at the start of the night, but here's a hot tip: If you hand them a business card of some fuckin shmuck at PAX, they'll take it as a drink token and won't look twice. I was fucking wasted, I did that so many times just to show people. I hit on every single girl, which is totally not me, and did the Super Crate Box infront of Rami from Vlambeer. He did not laugh.
Anyway then I got another 16-hour flight back and AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH

First time exhibiting at PAX

Posted by I-smel - August 18th, 2013

You Have To Eat The Other Guy's Poop: A Stealth Game

When you're working on huge projects that take forever to come out, sometimes it's fun to take a week off and jam out some dumb game. You Have To Eat The Other Guy's Poop is that.
It's a stealth game, where you and other players are dropped into a forest, your tummy constantly draining and your butt constantly filling.
You have to eat mushrooms around the floor (by crawling over them) to stop your tummy from emptying all the way- but also keep track of your butt! You have to poop, periodically, to empty your butt.
While looking for mushrooms, you should also listen out for other players. Where could they be? Hear their footsteps! Where-ever there's other guy's butt: other guy's poop is sure to be close-by. You Have To Eat The Other Guy's Poop. This is how you win the game.

If this is every player's objective, then surely there are people out their after YOUR OWN POOP! This is correct. Be tactful and cautious about where you poop, as what comes out of your butt is this game's most valuable resource. Are other players near by? Can you hear their sneaky footsteps? Is it safe?
Time is ticking, and your butt won't wait.

Real Talk
The more I thought about this game, the cooler I thought it was. It's a stealth game where you don't win by finding or killing the other player. You have to find something that they're HIDING! and also hide a thing yourself.
This switch-up on the rules of what stealth games have been so far changes a lot of things about your priorities. You can't interact with each-other at all, so you can walk around fine... just make sure you don't poop infront of the other guy, or he'll see it and eat it!
There's so many weird, interesting tactics that come out of this. Like making a bunch of really small poops to keep your BUTT empty which is a safer game, or making sparse, really big poops so that there are less on the map for the other guy to find. Making smaller poops is quieter, and a huge fart will echo for a larger radius.
Maybe you could just eat all the mushrooms on the map so that the other guy starves and dies! That's one way to win.
If you can't find the other guy, you could poop really loudly so that he comes running to eat your poop, then you can follow him around and watch him poop for the rest of the game, eating them every time and winning in the long-run.
Use the hill in the centre of the map to your advantage- you can see more stuff up there, and it's a good landmark to see where you are!
Definitely poop in areas with dense bushes to make your poops harder to see.
Try keeping movement to a minimal- or just running around a lot! Which tactic is the best? Who fuckin knows!!!

I've really liked playing this in the office, where everybody knows the game inside out, but it's fucking impossible to communicate to other people. I think it's a really cool idea, that works and is fun, but dropping it onto strangers on the internet just doesn't fucking work. Nobody figures it out at all, and there's never any players.
I don't wanna invest much more time into it, but even if this gets blammed and nobody ever sees it; I'm still really happy with this idea. It's a really tiny multiplayer stealth game that's not quite the same as anything else, and it only took a few days! Who else does that!

If the game's deleted by the time you read this, it's also up here on my site.
It was a fun project, I wish I could show you all the game in real life.

Other stuff

SpeedRunners is hitting Steam Early Access very soon. I don't think I'm allowed to say when. We're getting everything working perfectly right now, so that we can have a calendar of straight CONTENT updates while we're on Early Access, and not just patches. It's gonna be new character skins and levels every week or so (don't quote me on that).

New Art in the art portal. I tried not to spend all day on it. I drew this in Photoshop to help catch the atmosphere I want in this world. Will JetGetters ever be an actual game that we'll have the muscle to work on? We're thinking about it. Depends how well SpeedRunners does.

Moving to another country is fucking great. I've lived in the Netherlands for 2 months now and you wouldn't believe it. I rented a house, joined a gym, I ate sushi, crocodile, kangaroo, went to a gay festival, then a jazz festival, Pixar Expo, GamesCom next week, catch me at PAX soon! Have you ever had a sex massage? It's not as weird as you think.
I look great, I feel great, everything's fucking great. Let's get up, let's go out, let's do everything and meet everyone and have fun.

Oh, speaking of which here's a game I did with Valeriya Mallayeva of Dev GAMM, formerly Flash GAMM, for a Russian game-jam. She did all the design and art, and made sure it got finished.
and now catch my talk at Dev GAMM!

Here's me in a real office, that's really big and nice.

You Have To Eat The Other Guy's Poop

Posted by I-smel - July 11th, 2013

I just wrote this post, then closed the tab and deleted it by accident. I fucking hate laptops, touchpads, touch-screens, fuck em all.

I submitted some art, today, as an unlisted sketch. Every time summer rolls around I have to make a summer sale poster for No Time. I always do, and it's always judged as too off-brand, we go back n forth, recycle some old 2011 art, and nobody ever gets to see the first one. So here ya go! I drew the one on the right yesterday.

I've lived in the Netherlands for one month now, and I could blog about that all day, but long-story-short it's been really positive. I am proud of myself for doing something so completely fucking bonkers.
Here's me moving in!
and here's tinyBuild HQ!!!!! Not very exciting right now, cos I'm not actually allowed to film yet. It's weird, we're doing a weird thing. We'll have official videos later.
I guess that iPad camera is way better than my actual camera UPDATE VIDEO REMOVED!!! That's how much of a weird thing we're doing.

Heart icon in the top-right, their new content will show up in your Favourites feed on the front-page. You should drag that box to the top where it'll be most effective.

Warlord-of-Noodles - I couldn't not click that thumbnail on the front page. WoN submitted Little Bunny Foo Foo today, and it's weird and cool. These character designs are unique and cool, the art's super ambitious for frame-by-frame animation, the animation's good, congrats on being able to draw and animate water, etc.
She's not a huge power-house creator YET, these voices suck, this writing sucks, but that's all the more reason to follow people on Newgrounds. Everyone's working on something leaps ahead of their last thing, and Warlod-of-Noodles is on a fuckin great run right now.

BerzerkStudio - Today I played The PeaceKeeper on the front page. The controls are fucking smart, especially considering it's on tablets. 5 minutes into this game I really wanted some enemy variety, and they deliver exactly the kind of stuff you want eventually. I checked em out on FGL and looked at their upcoming games, these guys are definitely on the road to something really good. There's bits of good art, and fun designs here n there, but every game's got just enough boring fluff packed in that I haven't 100% fallen in love with one yet.
I was kind of dissapointed to find out it's a team of 8 people. I like swapping projects on Newgrounds, but how am I gonna do that.

CypressDalliah - Look, the truth is you're probably already following CypressDalliah. Just about everything he submits makes me say "I need to remember this next time I try to make good art." I followed him in about May, and everything since then has just been a huge jump forward.

Cairo - Cairo has an art style that's definitely evocative of something, but I can't put my finger on what. I love whenever Cairo uploads new art, and I always feel like someone out there would look at this and say "Oh my god this is perfect, I need to track this guy down." Maybe it's you!!!!

Quentin Stipp - This is why Newgrounds shows your full name next to your username, folks. This art shows so much life, and the sunlight feels so natural that I can't chalk this up to "1600", it was painted by motherfucking QUENTIN STIPP.
This is one of those artists where I just have to admit that my goal isn't to be a good artist any more, cos I'll never fucking catch up to this, I can only realistically hope to WORK WITH people this good.

Kamikaye - Robot Day regular Kamikaye submitted another hot banger this year. I couldn't chose which one to link cos this guy's submitted some straight-up mindblowing shit to the site. This is Newgrounds dot com, guys, congratulations.

deadlyfishes - What else is on Newgrounds? "This is a live studio recording of a [fucking] jazz quintet." I'm closin' it out with this. Remember Newgrounds.com? The site with over a thousand original Jazz tracks? No?

That's it, that's a bunch more people to track on this crazy-ass website. I'm gonna get back to work on animating Speedrunners, our new game that's gonna be out right before summer closes, fingers crossed. I'm so fucking busy in the Netherlands here, I'm just out and doing shit every day. It's way better than my life in England where I have all the time in the world to sit alone and think about death.

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