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The latest on CYBERBEAST RUSH!!!

Posted by I-smel - May 25th, 2012

That's one of my potential names. Some others are PUNCHgunner, OUTRAGE!ous, and GALACTICAMORA... So that's not going well.
I just realised in typing that that every idea I come up with sounds like an 80s DC superhero.

ANYWAY: Here's my progress:

What do you think? Are the jets on everything too much? does all the particle stuff look like a crappy photoshop filter? Does it look like some dude's first attempt at a 3D game? (cos yo it is)
I think it looks halfway between a good game and a lame game. I definately know it's gonna be zoomed out a little bit, I'll make the explosions quicker, and the guy in this test is stuck facing backwards but that's a hard thing to fix...

Super colourful though, fast, 2D animations poppin off all over the place, now you know what this game will look like. After spendin a couple weeks dragging myself through the trenches, making stuff in C# in Unity has bin pretty easy. And this literally works in a web browser. Right now. Like-- I played it yesterday in firefox, in a .swf. Just throwin it out there.

I played this 1-second clip over and over again this morning thinkin "woah, I could be doing so much more with 2D animated particle streams".

Anyway that's kind of it, that's all I got. I'm not earnin any fuckin money while I'm workin on this, just so ya know.

Here's a sprite sheet of the splash bullets make when you hit robots:

The latest on CYBERBEAST RUSH!!!

Comments (5)

Im diggin it. I like how unobtrusive that flyout menu is. i hope its as intuitive to use as it looks. I also have no problem with the particle effects. I think it sometimes looks weird having the speed of the scroll be so high and having the smoke disperse on its own independent universe unaffected by the scroll.

It's super intuitive, it works how it looks like it works. The art for the weapon select is just boring temp stuff I made up on the spot, but maybe "unobtrusive" is what I should be aiming for... whatever I end up on, I think it should have a flat little minimalist feel, like a Mac keyboard.

Also yeah, someone else mentioned the scrolling... It's kind of hard to come up with something that doesn't just make all the explosions dissapear to the left right away.
I didn't even notice it til someone pointed it out tbh.

Looks nice to me, but I always like those flashy games.

No this is Unity.

looks fun. the jets look fine. i liked the smoke particle effect.

the only weird thing i noticed is that that one enemy was able to get super close to you and it seemed hard to get away.

Oh, I meant flashy in the way of bunch of explosions and particle effects :P


Needs more AMORE in the title.

c-... uh... Cyberbeast Rushmore?

Oh actually that does sound like an awesome name.