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Puttin a game together sure can be difficult!

Posted by I-smel - December 8th, 2011

No Time Season 2 comes out on the 15th of December, and I should write a post here now because I think this is where 100% of the game you wanna make turns into 90%. I've totally got enough time to finish this final boss, and pepper extras around some levels. All that stuff is lookin fine.

BUT- HERE'S THE STUFF you don't think about when you're just the guy playing it: We were gonna use UserTesting.com to get a hundred people to play through the game so we could clean out any game-stopping bugs; but it turns out they're not accepting games any more. I guess they got too many other people sending in games, they just do websites and apps now.
So I guess we have to figure out some kind of closed beta? Cos we can't find any other service like that.

Also as soon as possible: If we wanna submit the game to Steam again, we'd better fuse Season 1 and Season 2 into one full game. Right? Cos then it'll be a good few hours long, and I can confidently say that people should get it. But how do I do that? Turns out it's not that easy- you CAN use loadMovie(); to have one application switch between both games, but no chance in hell are we selling people a folder with 2 swf files in it. And we're not uploading it for the game to load from a server either.
It turns out making an exe with 2 games in it ISN'T something people do all the time.

Also someone we hired is arguing about something? It's not in English so I have NO IDEA what it's about. I can say that I'm 110% happy with the voicing, the music and we comissioned Jeff the artist again to make us another poster. Huge thanks to all those guys, if you're reading, cos that stuff has all bin relatively super easy and nicely done.

So yeah I thought I'd take a pitstop here; I think making games on Newgrounds has numbed me to fan feedback, cos you get a thousand reviews for everything here. From my point of view, I'm not worried about watching a review on Youtube, I'm not worried about some dude on Twitter, or the fan people we met at Minecon. I am way more invested in what's happening behind the scenes.
I couldn't IMAGINE doing this without Alex, the producer, because so much time and money goes into stuff you don't even think about when you see a trailer for a game.

Anyway I hope that was interesting. When this is done I'm gonna release 2 finished games on Newgrounds (regular old free games) and then I'm gonna animate some branding stuff for some people for a while. As a job.
Then I'll show some prototypes I've got for what we could do next.

EDIT-- I think I'm writing this cos I'm seeing so many personal insults headed towards the Minecraft guys, and I hate how people talk about game developers as if they're completely braindead shits just cos they nerfed a character or took out an item or whatever, it's so annoying.
this is unrelated

Puttin a game together sure can be difficult!

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tldr: I'd love to animate more cutscenes and code more boss fights, but this game isn't gonna make itself

well good job on looking into fusing those two into one package despite the difficulty and tedium involved, the two options you had were terrible routes. Also thats a sexy spreadsheet is that a hidden level.

yeah totally this is the microsoft excel level

"I hate how people talk about game developers as if they're completely braindead shits just cos they nerfed a character or took out an item or whatever, it's so annoying."

This this a thousand times this.

I think the internet invents characters out of developers to give themselves someone to make jokes about and shit on n stuff, but really Mojang is just an office where 10 people come in to work every day. In real life, "Notch" is a guy named Mark who works in a building on a computer that 5 million people hate for some weird reason or another.

When I read comments about who's "riding the hype train" or "fucking over their fans" I'm just not on that wavelength at all, I don't get it.
In some ways, making games, you don't have a boss. But at the same time, EVERYONE gets to see half of what you're doing and give you a lecture about it.

but anyway that's a huge other conversation I don't wanna start really

haha that poster i hilarious!

also - what ever became of that fighting game you were making?

In January I'm releasing a scrolling beat-em-up and a stealth game that're both finished. MAYBE I'll get back to the fighting game but I doubt it.

It's got about 6 out of 8 characters made, and I'd rather try out a prototype of this other idea I have.

Congrats :)

Thanks Kaila.
I think Cakes is a great second name, I wish I was Tom Cakes.

for abobo, every level is a separate .swf file... well sorta.

They started that way and then we turned them into compiled .swf files and dragged them into the main wrapper file's library.

That sounds like the way to go for what you're desiring, it's super easy and available since cs4 or cs5.

PM me if you want more details.

Sorry, I meant compiled .swc files, not compiled .swf files.

Oh yeah I've heard about that. I just can't export my games as .swc files.

Probably because they're AS2 DAHAHAHAHAHA.

abobo is in as2, you can export as2 .swc files in cs4 and cs5. Give it a try!

The more you know!


That was me gasping.



We fixed the part where it was broken and too short. I'm gonna try Steam again.

.SWC files are objects file you can export directly from the library. It can be used with AS2 or Actionscript 3.0

right click an object on your library, export to actionscript > create SWC

it's actually used with a lot of programmers, so they don't have to use the flash ide and just use some text editor

I went through this a couple weeks ago, and importing a swc of No Time To Explain Season 2 into a file makes that file become inable to export.

I press ctrl+Enter and nothing happens. It won't compile a game.

SO-- Right now I'm just carefully piecing both games together the normal way. I've got 80 out of 140 levels working as one solid game.
Without cutscenes, sounds or music, it's actually like 1MB so things are goin pretty smooth so far.

I FULLY expect to get to a point where I don't have enough memory to export the whole game soon though.

ive downloaded part 2 but havent played yet,

geating stuck in the first game really pissed me off for some reason.
Like, i felt trolled., so Ive hesitated to play part two cause I hate getting trolled.

one day

Ok well I'm stitching both games into one file this week, and I just got it fullscreen. So I'm gonna say pick it up again in January.