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Have you ever tried switching over to 3D games? JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!

Posted by I-smel - May 5th, 2012

(Kinda just writing this cos I can't sleep)

I've bin tryina put together a really basic demo in Unity, and it's took me like a god damn week! I'm trippin up at every hurdle here, it's not easy. I felt like I had so much momentum a while ago, but ugh!

I started making materials in 3DSMax, check out my sweet art I submitted, but it turns out I can't use those. You have to WRITE YOUR OWN SHADERS! Never done that before. <-and that's the easy beginners way, that's without even learning to write renderers from a text doc.

You'd think having a 2D animated plane would be just an easy import, right? Nope! I later figured it out by doing a coding tutorial. But even now it's looping the one IN THE ASSET LIBRARY, so every time I spawn it it starts on a random frame.

and C# don't even get me started! The whole thing's a completely different world, it's like the 20+ games I've made so far got erased n I just forgot how everything works all from the start.
You HAVE to put the semi-colon at the ends of lines in the language or it'll crash and not play. How is that an improvement?
I am completely pissing off the whole Unity forum this week, boy let me tell ya.
I thought I had half of it figured out but man, I can't even get a thing to play when you click!

Nobody replied to my thread in the Newgrounds forum.
Side-note: I watched a livestream by Egoraptor, and everyone in his life is jus-- his parents love his cartoons, his roommate is Tomar, his girlfriend's down with it, he's answerin all these e-mails just sayin "Hey, everything you do is great", there's not ONE PERSON saying "Hey this is pretty weird that you're so into Megaman, dude."
...I've never even MET another person who knows what A PSP IS!!! My closest friends think I make iPhone games, or that I'm unemployed! People in my life are just getting Twitter- Watchin Avengers this week? Hell no, I can't find another person who gives a shit about HULK!
Anyway- the point is I PM'd him about this n he didn't reply. Then I PM'd HappyHarry some fan mail and he didn't reply- Unity guys don't know WHAT to do with me, I @ people all the time n get nothin- What is UP with people on the internet!?
The work comin in from Giga Megacorp has really slowed down, I've got nothin to do this week- so I spotted this guy on the front page last week and quizzed him on some stuff... nothin! I was ready to just do all the animations fr the hell of it; am I just shit or what?

Check out my new art if you didn't. Oh- that's another thing: Submitted the passed 8 pieces of art to DeviantArt: Nothin! Like- Zero views, literally. If anyone wants to tutor me in C# or pay me to make somethin, it'd be a help.

Have you ever tried switching over to 3D games? JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!

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writing shaders is incredibly difficult. if you need help with getting art/textures/bumps/normal maps into unity i can help you out. and that plug-in for shader writing looks pretty awful, no node graph should be that ugly. there should be a way to save out your max materials as material files(.mtl?) or baking them to your meshes?. i use maya instead of max and everything ports into unity pretty well. and i know how difficult getting animations going can be, and then triggering events from animations. also for your animated texture are you using an .mov file? i've only ever done animated textures for GUI stuff. pm me and i'll see if i can help you out any. i'm still in the works on my first unity game. <a href="http://stevepett.com/Chiaroscuro/build_3_19.html">http://stevepett.com/Chiaroscuro/build_3_19.ht ml</a>

If you click on the part where I talk about the Unity forums then you can see how i'm doing everything.

The animated texture is one long sprite sheet with all the animation sprites. I used C# to zip the UV of the texture to the left so it'll play, the same way a film reel works.
That way I can use transparency, and nothing has to be a massive video file.

I tried putting ramp lighting on a shader and failed, and I tried having a self-illumination map that's only visible where the object is illuminated- but failed at that aswel. I'll see if 3DS can export them any better.

About the whole talking and nobody caring thing I know how you feel exactly, I follow a fuck ton of indie game people but Im 100% sure that none of them know/care who I am. I guess the only way you can get through to people via the internets is by making something big, and my games are not even close :( , would've thought yours were though!

And unfortunately I don't have time to get into the nitty gritty of shaders etc. although I have touched them briefly before (not an expert however). My suggestion would be (I know this sounds crazy) library/buy a book on shader design/3d lighting, even if its not for a unity/c# implementation if its good it will have a good explanation of wtf is going on and how to implement in any lang.

PS FUN FACT: Do you remember when you made shooter/cannon runner game thing and won the Max Games contest (well you placed at least I cant remember)? I made a game for that too except that it was shit and it had scope issues so it never got finished :(


The only reason I ever won anything in MaxGames' contests was because I'm pretty sure nobody else knew about it or entered. So for about 3 years I entered it each time and never told anyone else about it so I could sneak in at 3rd or 5th. The prizes were GOD DAMN NUTS!!! First prize was $10,000, which is still impressive now, 5 years after Flash games have exploded.
The first person I mentioned the MaxGames contest to was Ansel, about a month before the deadline. He entered and came first.
Cannon Runner was kind of my first game, and the funny thing is that the SHOOT THE GROUND TO JUMP mechanic is exactly the same as No Time To Explain which I brought out last year.

PS FUN FACTS: The owner of MaxGames' alias when he sponsored games was "Mike Max", but his real name was Jason. He owned StickPage.com (made cartoons about CRAZY JAY!) at the time, and the StickSuicide (now Explosm.net and Cyanide & Hapiness) guys fuckin hated him. Cos he'd put Joe Zombie and a bunch of other cartoons on StickPage with all the links taken out, which was apparantly a huge deal back in 2005. They fake-threatened to sue him over AIM and he got really panicky and took em all off.
Then of course he made a huge network of GAME sites where he'd profit from the exact same thing... which is why I never felt bad about not telling anyone how great the MaxGames contest was.
But he ended up being a great guy, cos he sponsored my biggest failure of a game, Legend of JOHNNY, and waited like a goddamn year for it to come out.
I think I'm like the only person in the world to even notice, but by the time I connected the dots all that stuff was too old for anyone to give a shit.

And I'm not popular anywhere. My Newgrounds page here says I have 700-ish fans, and I checked out what the average was today n people who are even a BIT popular have like 2 or 3 thousand. So yknow- still under the radar.

There's only one explanation for why nobody will answer your fanmail: all of the people you see with Egoraptor are either paid actors, or robots. Said robots also control his Newgrounds account. Same goes for Happy Harry, and all the other flaky internet celebrities. I mean, who are they to ignore OUR well written, thought provoking fanmail?! Seriously though, I feel your pain man. Yesterday my parents told me they were perfectly alright with me doing something artsy for a living instead of going to college and dying a minimum wage slow death at Wal-Mart after graduation. But then I woke up.

Yeah every time I hate how I don't know anyone who knows what "E 3" is, I think aaaaaaa-... maybe I SHOULD go to one o these Newgrounds meetups...

Hey man, you can make pretty good shaders in unity with their presets. You probably shouldn't use anything beyond the very basics anyway since it won't run well on most computers if you do.

Why are you using C# to code? Unity has a native language that's identical to actionscript. Everything I read said it was faster (for you AND the computer) to use that instead of the C# too, so...yeah. Use that, silly.

As for doing 2D with the 3D, that's gonna be much harder than just making a 3D game. I used blender to make some models and they literally just open right in unity...

It sounds to me like you just hit a bunch of roadblocks you didn't need to. :P I messed around with unity a bit and felt like I was cheating because it's all so simple.

I couldn't make anything I wanted to do with the defaults.

I'm not using the Unity native code because then when everyone stops using Unity I'll have to learn something else, like I'm doing now.

It's mostly 3D, there's just a couple things that are 2D that I'm gonna have to learn how to do sooner or later.

Also, add me on MSN or AIM or sommat, and I'll talk to you. :3

oh ppfffffff, people dont use those any more! People use Skype.

Oh I see you wanted to make, like, a billboard sort of effect.

Oh C, you and your dang semi colons.

Don't worry I still love you


I've got further since posting this and now I can make 3D games.

Nobody you know is technologically oriented? Do you live in a cave, or is britain just 10 years behind everyone else

Well having an iPhone and using facebook is one thing, which is where most people are at, but I mean nobody knows what Netflix or Kickstarter or Google Plus is, and I have noone to talk about E3 with.