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Hey look man, my name's "I-smel". What I lack in smarts, I at least pay back in honesty. Boink!

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Good luck to everyone on the Flash MOVIE of the year panel, haha! Awkward, right? Oh man. Are you gonna vote for it?
SHOULD you vote for it? Oh man. Jeez, hahaha. Glad I'm not in your shoes, buddy!

cool stuff; I really like that snake enemy.

Yeah so do I, that was me testing the boundaries of that "enemies interacting with other enmies" idea. If you hold SPACE in the build I've got now, it just spawns in snake parts that all bite onto the big snake's butt and he just wraps around the whole screen.

The snake and the shield guys were really hard to code. I don't know if that's just cos I suck, or cos I'm doing something hard.

really bummed you never finished that fighting game :(

I wish I had infinity time.

I like the fighting game, but whatever. It'd just be Street Fighter 2, but with running. And vector art.
People would play it for like a week while it's on the front page, and then complain how it doesn't have multiplayer.

Awesome stuff right there, as usual, man.

If you ever need cute art/animation for your iPone game/other game, I'm right here, love! C:

I dunno man, my guys are gettin pretty cute http://i44.tinypic.com/2q8akns.pn g

I've done like 4 collabs with people, they all dissapeared without finishing

I love reading your updates :3 you're always full of great game ideas and you're a talented artist too.
Also if you need an artist THEN I'D BE WILLING TO HELP

I made a game with the base idea like yours: I like the idea of side scrolling flying through the air n stuff but I hate bullet hell crap. There is even slashing and shooting like yours as well lol. Regardless the game didn't do terrible, couldn't get it sponsored :( but people here seemed to enjoy it kinda. So maybe there's some hope for the concept, hope the game goes well!

Also, I really like the design concepts & screw it even if you suck at video blogs id still watch em.

I just can't start talking in an empty room, it's too dumb.

I think Tfulp is makin a scrolling shooter with melee right now. It'll probably be like Radiant Silvergun, mine's more like Zone of Enders but 2D.

Wow... Ok well this the most interesting game I've seen in weeks.

No jokes.


No promo.

Aren't all brit's teeth supposed to be fuckeddd up? Why iz yous so pretty?

they aren't, my teeth are all different sizes and the back ones are all missing. Also my smiles is tilted at a different angle to my teeth: http://tinyurl.com/clx6v5f

and I'm pretty because of hard work, I was completely disgusting for many years.

Interesting stuff! Thanks for sharing!

i like the concept art, it reminded me of the opening scene for Soul Train.


<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gkrug83y7s">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gkrug83y7s</a>

Someone in a Newgrounds thread reminded me Rtil existed yesterday, so I went and checked out his Deviantart, and it's basically all pink galaxies and white-haired girls in jumpsuits with lasers flying out of their cleavage.

So it reminded me I haven't even BEGUN to think about what I'm doing yet.