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I went to Minecon and all I released was this lousy trailer

Posted by I-smel - November 20th, 2011

AND THAT WAS MY FIRST CON! Incase you didn't know, I had a booth at Minecon in Las Vegas, and I'm in my hotel room now on the last day. Somewhere around midnight I came out of a strip club remembering there was an after-party so... if you went to that then please tell me about it.

MineCon was FFUUUUUUUUUULL, it was sold out at 3,000 people. Kids love our game, people recognized us, 4 people asked me for an autograph, 2 people interviewed me, one guy asked "Is I_smell here" (it was Joshua Tomar. I forgot to tell him how much I think Girlchan is REAL-LIFE-COMEDY FUNNY next to my bullshit that's just internet-funny)
There was a good handful o people there who made games you've heard of. Octodad, Retro City Rampage, Crayon Physics, Terry Cavanagh, Danny Baranowski-- but I didn't really talk much. I made small talk to a couple people like "hey this looks really cool!" or "yeah man, publishers suck!" but that gets boring pretty quick.
A lot of stuff I said to people probably came out sounding like a jerk, such as "I don't really get Minecraft" or "If your game plays backwards then why does it get harder? Wouldn't it get easier?" or "Wow! 18 people made this?? Jesus!" but y'know... can't think of a way to finish this paragraph.
We gave a talk about how we made a videogame, and there's a TONNE o stuff I forgot to mention, but it went pretty well. Everyone laughed at the right parts, it was a full crowd, I've never done that before. Tyler Glaiel was watchin from the back but I'm pretty sure he was just waiting fr us to finish so he could get his HDMI cable back so he could leave... sorry about that.

That was another thing- everyone's booth had a PC running; we didn't have a computer or even electricity for a while. We overcame it by using our own laptops, and next time we're bringing chairs, fuck the system.
Terry Cavanagh (VVVVVV) spoke to me for a sec and said "hey we talked on email that time" which was funny because I remember coming off as a dick that one time (I wont write down the whole conversation) and I ESPECIALLY felt like a dick because Alex saw his booth being empty as an opportunity to spam it with vouchers for our game... actually the whole convention was covered in half-price stickers for our game; I'm here with a marketing producer and 2 people who organise game conferences, so they basically saw the whole thing through Terminator-vision.

It's bin fun and weird, Vegas is INSANE but I'll leave that out. If you're the guy who expected me to be at the after-party then I am sorry, but I'm not THAT sorry cos I had a pretty good time anyway.

EDIT-- This is the trailer ending I originally had before we came to the conclusion that i was the only person on earth who laughed at it. Still wanna get it out there somewhere:

I went to Minecon and all I released was this lousy trailer

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My ribs are in my eyeeeess MY EEYEEEEEEEEESSS!

Pretty sure someone said that.
I met a group of guys who thought the game was just awesome.

Every time I see your user icon I think it's Justin Timberlake. Juuuuust saying


PS, I lolled at your trailer ending.

Damn, that looks sick!

i could go for a muffin right now.

Hey that one part looks just like Glaiel's ninja game. COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT!

I dont know which part or what game you're talking about.

Suuuuure you don't... ;)

I'm GUESSING you mean the level where it's a runner, cos that's the part that looks like other games

and I don't think Glaiel has ever even made a game with ninjas in it

Oh that's weird. Yes it's a coincidence.