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You Have To Eat The Other Guy's Poop

2013-08-18 17:53:38 by I-smel

You Have To Eat The Other Guy's Poop: A Stealth Game

When you're working on huge projects that take forever to come out, sometimes it's fun to take a week off and jam out some dumb game. You Have To Eat The Other Guy's Poop is that.
It's a stealth game, where you and other players are dropped into a forest, your tummy constantly draining and your butt constantly filling.
You have to eat mushrooms around the floor (by crawling over them) to stop your tummy from emptying all the way- but also keep track of your butt! You have to poop, periodically, to empty your butt.
While looking for mushrooms, you should also listen out for other players. Where could they be? Hear their footsteps! Where-ever there's other guy's butt: other guy's poop is sure to be close-by. You Have To Eat The Other Guy's Poop. This is how you win the game.

If this is every player's objective, then surely there are people out their after YOUR OWN POOP! This is correct. Be tactful and cautious about where you poop, as what comes out of your butt is this game's most valuable resource. Are other players near by? Can you hear their sneaky footsteps? Is it safe?
Time is ticking, and your butt won't wait.

Real Talk
The more I thought about this game, the cooler I thought it was. It's a stealth game where you don't win by finding or killing the other player. You have to find something that they're HIDING! and also hide a thing yourself.
This switch-up on the rules of what stealth games have been so far changes a lot of things about your priorities. You can't interact with each-other at all, so you can walk around fine... just make sure you don't poop infront of the other guy, or he'll see it and eat it!
There's so many weird, interesting tactics that come out of this. Like making a bunch of really small poops to keep your BUTT empty which is a safer game, or making sparse, really big poops so that there are less on the map for the other guy to find. Making smaller poops is quieter, and a huge fart will echo for a larger radius.
Maybe you could just eat all the mushrooms on the map so that the other guy starves and dies! That's one way to win.
If you can't find the other guy, you could poop really loudly so that he comes running to eat your poop, then you can follow him around and watch him poop for the rest of the game, eating them every time and winning in the long-run.
Use the hill in the centre of the map to your advantage- you can see more stuff up there, and it's a good landmark to see where you are!
Definitely poop in areas with dense bushes to make your poops harder to see.
Try keeping movement to a minimal- or just running around a lot! Which tactic is the best? Who fuckin knows!!!

I've really liked playing this in the office, where everybody knows the game inside out, but it's fucking impossible to communicate to other people. I think it's a really cool idea, that works and is fun, but dropping it onto strangers on the internet just doesn't fucking work. Nobody figures it out at all, and there's never any players.
I don't wanna invest much more time into it, but even if this gets blammed and nobody ever sees it; I'm still really happy with this idea. It's a really tiny multiplayer stealth game that's not quite the same as anything else, and it only took a few days! Who else does that!

If the game's deleted by the time you read this, it's also up here on my site.
It was a fun project, I wish I could show you all the game in real life.

Other stuff

SpeedRunners is hitting Steam Early Access very soon. I don't think I'm allowed to say when. We're getting everything working perfectly right now, so that we can have a calendar of straight CONTENT updates while we're on Early Access, and not just patches. It's gonna be new character skins and levels every week or so (don't quote me on that).

New Art in the art portal. I tried not to spend all day on it. I drew this in Photoshop to help catch the atmosphere I want in this world. Will JetGetters ever be an actual game that we'll have the muscle to work on? We're thinking about it. Depends how well SpeedRunners does.

Moving to another country is fucking great. I've lived in the Netherlands for 2 months now and you wouldn't believe it. I rented a house, joined a gym, I ate sushi, crocodile, kangaroo, went to a gay festival, then a jazz festival, Pixar Expo, GamesCom next week, catch me at PAX soon! Have you ever had a sex massage? It's not as weird as you think.
I look great, I feel great, everything's fucking great. Let's get up, let's go out, let's do everything and meet everyone and have fun.

Oh, speaking of which here's a game I did with Valeriya Mallayeva of Dev GAMM, formerly Flash GAMM, for a Russian game-jam. She did all the design and art, and made sure it got finished.
and now catch my talk at Dev GAMM!

Here's me in a real office, that's really big and nice.

You Have To Eat The Other Guy's Poop


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2013-08-18 17:56:40

My flight to PAX Prime is 17 hours, when you include connections.

Actually it's a flight to PAX Dev. I have to show up 2 days early to be on a panel. Apparently the judges are gonna talk about why I didn't get into the PAX 10? Why was I invited?


2013-08-18 18:34:09

Hmm, NG doesn't have a Unity player extension/API?
You might be UJ for a while. I wonder how many folks are gonna want to install Unity player just to eat shit?

I-smel responds:

Works fine fr me.
Unity web-player's a one-click install.


2013-08-18 18:37:47

No one else on :(
I don't think it can get blammed if the game never loads (if no one installs the unity plugin), so it'll be in UJ for the rest of time.

I-smel responds:

Yeah nobody else is ever on, people are only on by themselves for a couple minutes.

Jus wanted to upload it for the archive.


2013-08-18 19:18:34

An appropriate game by someone named "i-smel." XD


The guy seemed to move very slow for me. I've tested Unity before and the tropical paradise thing ran pretty well, so I'm not sure why this seemed slow. Maybe too many shaders for my poor elderly laptop, lol. Your Real Talk secion made me laugh, lolol...

I-smel responds:

Yeah I dunno, there's a lot o fuckin bushes in this game.


2013-08-18 20:09:18

"this game stinks!"

I-smel responds:

Eat shit, newgrounds.com


2013-08-18 22:13:14

today I ate someone's poop


2013-08-18 22:58:14

Shit, Poop, Crap, Fecal, Scat, Stool, Droppings, Jennifer Lawrence, Shart, Shat. Did I miss any?


2013-08-19 01:24:40

I take it back, Unity IS out there... we're just a little behind the times is all. Someone needs to explain this witchcraft shit to me (fucking, Tom); Flash has been a 'given' for almost 15 years, html 5 is built into browsers...


2013-08-19 12:26:31

Livin' the dream. Eatin' the poops.


2013-08-20 23:15:12

okay so I just played this for about 45 minutes with a few different people. Some friends, some random strangers that dropped in. I agree with you on the whole "must be played in a lan-party-ish set up, because the game is much more nuanced than it lets on. But if you do figure out a way to make this catch on that'd be sweet, because its a pretty bitchin game. Have you thought about porting it to mobile devices? I'm not a real tablet gamer but I just imagine that'd be an easier way to spread it around.
It's fun to try to communicate non verbally through the limited movements your guy can make. Two man games are fun but its even more interesting with more, as players can team up on eachother and stuff. It's got a few technical issues. Like I'm able to eat my poop sometimes and other times not. Believe me, it was my poop. I'm positive. also one time I pooped and it propelled me like 30 feet into the sky- was that a bug? It was cool anyhow.
But just in general this was a really neat little game idea and its got a lot of potential so please keep working on it if you can. New maps and shit. I don't need to tell you theres a lot of awesome ways to go with this mechanic. you're a real game designer's game designer, and I appreciate that.

I-smel responds:

omg thank god someone eventually played this and got it and liked it.

Launching into the air was a bug on day 1, but we kept it in as a secret ability cos it was really fun. It's a good way to see the whole map and scout where people are / where their poops are.
You trigger it by having over 75% of your butt full, and pooping it all out at once while sneaking on the ground.

I'll probably not do anything with this, cos we don't know how to get players onboard with it. Gonna keep designing games like this anyway, though.