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Jet-Getters dev log update!

2014-04-11 06:31:39 by I-smel

Hey what's up, I was looking through my old posts the other day and I remembered my old Legend of JOHNNY dev-log. It's so much fun for me reading all that stuff I don't remember! So here's a slice of how that would look if I was doing it for Jet-Getters.

The rest of tinyBuild is at PAX right now, rubbing shoulders with such imposing celebrities as Tom Fulp. I'm back at the office. Check out our booth #656 if you're for some reason reading this while you're there. Jet-Getters is playable!

14th April 2014!

This week I added local multiplayer split-screen. It was really easy with Unity actually! Adding local hopefully means that I can test some multiplayer ideas now without waiting for all the networking code to be cleaned up. Also I added some UI stuff for the demo, like Xbox button prompts and handy tips, etc.

The new environment art is looking good, but not extremely good. Maybe we'll do a higher-poly version of it, I've been very conservative with that stuff so far. The level is made out of lots of seperate pieces so that we can build levels and tear them down when designs change, re-arrange em more easily.

Here's what I've been thinking about this week, gameplay-wise: For a full post on the potential transforming monster-class, see my last Kickstarter update.
I'm actually posting a lot of design stuff there, so pledge a dollar if you wanna join in. I'd like it to all be public eventually though.

Recent ideas have been TAGGING ENEMIES.
I personally hate tagging enemies, and mini-maps, and any mechanic that lets you distill a person down into a UI element. I want the games to be about interacting with characters and people, not icons. However, we have this mechanic in where you can surf the back of a team-mate's jet and cover their flank. Being that a big focus of the design philosiphy on this one is TEAMWORK, it'd be nice to be able to tag enemies chasing your friend. It's to let your friend know he's in trouble, and you can only really tag enemies to help other team-mate players. In that context, I think the game will gain from it more than it'll lose, so I'm quite happy with implementing this.


Also this week I've been thinking about SEAGULLS! Having birds flying around is just one more thing to fly passed that gives you a better sense of motion through the air, so thumbs up on that. I remembered hanging onto eagles in Shadow of the Collossus, though, and that's such a goofy fucking stunt that I think it belongs in JetGetters.
Tactically, they'd just be there to prolong your falling for a little bit, and wouldn't be all that impactful of an addition. Funny easter egg though!

God look at that animation in Shadow of the Collossus, it's so natural, isn't that amazing?
I wanna push our animations to be more wild; we'll get there.

I've been thinking about stationary environment pieces aswel, like a Halo man-cannon, or a Bioshock Infinite sky-rail to ride around, and turrets have always been a thing on the shelf... nothing concrete to report though. I'll try it all soon.

That's an update! Everything else in my life right now is feeling a little bit sour that I'm not at PAX, but hey it's happening right now, I've been pretty okay with it most of the time. Also still internet dating!! It's fun, it's an adventure, I'd reccomend it. I met some pretty girls, most of em kinda shy and plain, couple of em really fucking exciting and cool! It's fun, I got a playmate :)

That feels like a douchebaggy note to end on, so uhhhhhhh-... OH HEY go play Aces Wild!! 
Man, what a game! I think if I'd have continued down the path I was on with Legend of JOHNNY, I might have made Aces Wild. It's a very interesting take on beat-em-ups, it gets really hard and fast and intense. You're always one button away from cashing in all your firepower for more health-- BUT WHEN DO YOU MAKE THAT CALL?? It's a razor's edge thing, it's cool.


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2014-04-11 07:02:35

Oh and I know the last Newgrounds office meetup is soon, I'd love love love to go, I've never been before, but y'know-... I don't know if I can fly all the way out just for that.


2014-04-11 12:42:01

Reminds me a bit of the cowboy bebop movie dogfight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ed9g87Rs9qk

I love minimaps, but I get what you mean

I-smel responds:

Cool, that's some pretty badass anime animation


2014-04-11 19:24:34

man Legend of Johnny is GOAT brah. Really like how JetGetters is coming together. It's all fast n shit. What is the FPS?


2014-04-11 20:11:05

Hey it's I-smel!