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Looking for a Maya animator!

2014-01-07 11:06:55 by I-smel


I'm Tom, from tinyBuild, we publish games on Steam. We have a teaser trailer for our next game animated in Maya, and we need somebody to do the final effects, lighting and post-production work so that we can have a nice public trailer.

Here's a clip! This game is about aeroplanes.

Please send your details and a quote to contact@tinyBuildGAMES.com Or post here, I'll check back!


Any suggestions on where else I should ask, or anyone I should PM, then hey, tell me about it.


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2014-01-07 11:32:15

Looks already nice... wish I could help, but I work in Carrara and still practicing with some effects.

How it work publishing on steam? I read about Greenlight but it would be nice to learn something from an actual publisher...


2014-01-07 13:36:41


So to get this straight, you just need someone to do lighting, effects and post, but the animation itself is already done? I have quite a bit of experience in Maya and composting software so I'm quite interested. Would the person taking on this job need to create the backplates as well? Or are all of those assets taken care of?

I-smel responds:

Backplate as in the sky? We're just using default or bought stuff for that, it's not a big deal.

Characters and vehicles are already animated, we're pretty happy with that stuff.


2014-01-07 13:56:32

Looks cool! ^^


2014-01-07 16:36:25

Could try here http://www.newgrounds.com/collab or the BBS somewhere. I'm sure Tom or someone else on staff would also know someone with a proven record...


2014-01-07 17:08:56

Wow so it's YOU! Wow! You're tinyBuild! Going to send you a PM.