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JetGetters is public now

2014-03-21 08:10:37 by I-smel

What's up, I got you this trailer.

help, i cant embed videos :(

JetGetters is on Kickstarter. We shopped around for investors for about a year, but investors want you to make the next Candy Crush, not Just Cause 2 meets Team Fortress. So lets just see if KS works out.


I've talked about JetGetters a llooooooootttt already, but long-story-short it's a team-based, class-based air-combat game. You can ejector-seat out and hijack people, and surf on their planes, and shoot while sky-diving. Ask me anything about hijacking aeroplanes.

Right now we have a booth at GDC, the world's first tinyBuild tinyBooth! I'll be in the office all month to be involved with guys like you while everyone else is at GDC and PAX. Bummer! I mean uh--- cool!

Did you notice one of the tiers on the Kickstarter is that you get like 9 different games? tinyBuild is publishing games now, we started doing this with SpeedRunners last year, and things just recenlty snowballed including BIT Brawlers made by Newgrounds Illumni Village Blacksmith, and Fearless Fantasy from the truly one-of-a-kind SpikeValentine! Did you play any of Eli Pilonen's games? Cos yeah, him too, his latest is Not The Robots.


Ya see how half the front page news posts are about developers branching out and trying to get their games through KickStarter and Greenlight right now? That's our business now, we help flash game developers publish their games outside of the flash game market, and transition into developing for other platforms. If you know how to MAKE games, but not SELL them, then hit us up at contact@tinyBuildGAMES.com

It's not gonna be me though, I'm hardcore on the design and development side. JetGetters art and design docs, that's me right now. I made that trailer up there! Here's an example: We're thinking about equipping perks and bonuses on your dude, and jet, individually. Because you play as the same pilot for the whole match, but jets get swapped over all the time- so if someone has an ability you really want, you can steal it! Combining with your own pilot's ability, that could be really interesting. What if you attached BAD perks to your jet, to surprise and trap thieves? That'd be something so unique to JetGetters! The downside of perks, which I hate, is that you can't SEE what someone has equipped. It's not fair. This is why we're leaning on having 4 distinct classes right now, with their abilities built-in, so that you always know what you're facing up against. Lots of design decisions getting hammered into shape, please ask me about it because I could talk about it all day.

We'll have another booth at PAX, so if you missed Lerika and Yulia at GDC then don't worry they'll be there too! Also you can play SpeedRunners again, it was a big hit last year.

This is a big post, sorry if I'm just fucking spamming. In my real life I'm very harrowingly ashamed to admit that I am into internet dating right now. Don't tell anyone. I have 3 dates this week though, it's pretty exciting. I got back into kickboxing this week, I kicked a guy's ass hard. At the end I said "So how's your weekend? St Patrick's Day, probably got super drunk, right?"

"No I'm fifteen."

WELP!-- That was that. Ask me about kickboxing, Amsterdam, online dating, and JetGetters design challenges, I could just talk and talk and talk.


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2014-03-21 08:20:45

OH-- BomToons was interviewed on Indie Pals this week.
It's a pretty Newgrounds-centric podcast.


2014-03-21 09:59:04

Your next game could be about a dating kickboxing brawler of some sort?

Like battleblock theatre, Speed Runners is one of those games that I still have yet to play. I've seen people play it loads but have never jumped in on it myself. Jetgetters looks refreshing. I was looking through that reddit the other day, and I guess it was Alex, but he took that one question by the horns (something about how come you guys are doing a ks again now that youre a company). I think that sort of answer nailed what it is to be an 'indie' (im starting to hate that term), but I like that you guys are constantly investing into the next game, you could just make sequels out the ass or play it conservatively but all of your stuff so far has been a leap from one jet to the next.


2014-03-21 10:53:53

I like the idea of JetGetters mucho, but you should consider actually linking to your kickstarter somewhere in that post!

For embedding youtube vids, you click the movie icon on the top bar, then you paste the EMBED code from the youtube page (NOT the youtube url) into the input box.

You can also put links on your pics now too, just double click the pic after adding it and go to the "link" tab and paste the url you want to link the pic to.

Now that you know how to use the new NG blog tools... I think helping devs make the transition to the big time is a great path for you all since you were, in essence, the pioneers of making that leap (after Edmund and co.) but first on Greenlight is a big deal and you know how backwards thinking us Flash devs are, so you can coddle us along.

Want to cross promote our Kickstarters? Mine's only got 2 days left... :-D

I-smel responds:

I did paste the embed code, it still didn't work :I


2014-03-21 10:55:08

Also, I was once riding my bicycle up a really steep hill, pedaling for my life, and a RUNNER ran past me up the hill... this runner was a woman...


2014-03-21 13:09:06

This is awesome! At first I thought, "it's missing something", but then I saw you can guide missiles and such :) makes me wonder how many weapons will be in this game, would be good to pack a decent amount though. Good luck! Looks fun.


2014-03-22 12:33:52

I actually love Jetgetter's concept.
Just Cause 2 was great and while the multiplayer let you surf another player's jet, it never let you hijack it.

I-smel responds:

Yeah and it's kind of a bunch of people glitching around and doing whatever on a giant map. This is more like playing a Team Fortress match.