Entry #115

Anyone wanna pick up some animation work?

2014-05-22 05:24:15 by I-smel

We're workin on an update for SpeedRunners that depends on a lot of hand-drawn animation. Lots of 1-second clips and victory poses for each character. If you think you're can pick up the work for some of these, or know someone who can, it'd help us hit some deadlines and be a big help :)

Also I made a personal twitter outside of the company tinyBuild one. So catch up with that if you're interested in cartoons getting drawn or games getting designed.
Here's a quick page I wrote on SpeedRunners characters too!

Outside of that, things are still good, I'm still pretty excited about things. I guess this post is all business, sorry!

Anyway, love ya! <3



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2014-05-22 05:59:47

I am very interested in this since my interests include animating rpg like monsters and characters. What is the deadline? I would not be able to take this up until after fanime weekend


2014-05-22 13:28:18

I'd like to state for the record that I highly enjoy penis.


2014-05-22 14:57:01

I like work


2014-05-22 17:30:35

Did someone say paid?!?


2014-05-22 22:25:53

I'd like to have animation work...so uhm pm you with demos or something?


2014-09-06 04:00:51

Hey remember that metal gear thing you did? I do...it pleased me