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Posted by I-smel - July 11th, 2013

I just wrote this post, then closed the tab and deleted it by accident. I fucking hate laptops, touchpads, touch-screens, fuck em all.

I submitted some art, today, as an unlisted sketch. Every time summer rolls around I have to make a summer sale poster for No Time. I always do, and it's always judged as too off-brand, we go back n forth, recycle some old 2011 art, and nobody ever gets to see the first one. So here ya go! I drew the one on the right yesterday.

I've lived in the Netherlands for one month now, and I could blog about that all day, but long-story-short it's been really positive. I am proud of myself for doing something so completely fucking bonkers.
Here's me moving in!
and here's tinyBuild HQ!!!!! Not very exciting right now, cos I'm not actually allowed to film yet. It's weird, we're doing a weird thing. We'll have official videos later.
I guess that iPad camera is way better than my actual camera UPDATE VIDEO REMOVED!!! That's how much of a weird thing we're doing.

Heart icon in the top-right, their new content will show up in your Favourites feed on the front-page. You should drag that box to the top where it'll be most effective.

Warlord-of-Noodles - I couldn't not click that thumbnail on the front page. WoN submitted Little Bunny Foo Foo today, and it's weird and cool. These character designs are unique and cool, the art's super ambitious for frame-by-frame animation, the animation's good, congrats on being able to draw and animate water, etc.
She's not a huge power-house creator YET, these voices suck, this writing sucks, but that's all the more reason to follow people on Newgrounds. Everyone's working on something leaps ahead of their last thing, and Warlod-of-Noodles is on a fuckin great run right now.

BerzerkStudio - Today I played The PeaceKeeper on the front page. The controls are fucking smart, especially considering it's on tablets. 5 minutes into this game I really wanted some enemy variety, and they deliver exactly the kind of stuff you want eventually. I checked em out on FGL and looked at their upcoming games, these guys are definitely on the road to something really good. There's bits of good art, and fun designs here n there, but every game's got just enough boring fluff packed in that I haven't 100% fallen in love with one yet.
I was kind of dissapointed to find out it's a team of 8 people. I like swapping projects on Newgrounds, but how am I gonna do that.

CypressDalliah - Look, the truth is you're probably already following CypressDalliah. Just about everything he submits makes me say "I need to remember this next time I try to make good art." I followed him in about May, and everything since then has just been a huge jump forward.

Cairo - Cairo has an art style that's definitely evocative of something, but I can't put my finger on what. I love whenever Cairo uploads new art, and I always feel like someone out there would look at this and say "Oh my god this is perfect, I need to track this guy down." Maybe it's you!!!!

Quentin Stipp - This is why Newgrounds shows your full name next to your username, folks. This art shows so much life, and the sunlight feels so natural that I can't chalk this up to "1600", it was painted by motherfucking QUENTIN STIPP.
This is one of those artists where I just have to admit that my goal isn't to be a good artist any more, cos I'll never fucking catch up to this, I can only realistically hope to WORK WITH people this good.

Kamikaye - Robot Day regular Kamikaye submitted another hot banger this year. I couldn't chose which one to link cos this guy's submitted some straight-up mindblowing shit to the site. This is Newgrounds dot com, guys, congratulations.

deadlyfishes - What else is on Newgrounds? "This is a live studio recording of a [fucking] jazz quintet." I'm closin' it out with this. Remember Newgrounds.com? The site with over a thousand original Jazz tracks? No?

That's it, that's a bunch more people to track on this crazy-ass website. I'm gonna get back to work on animating Speedrunners, our new game that's gonna be out right before summer closes, fingers crossed. I'm so fucking busy in the Netherlands here, I'm just out and doing shit every day. It's way better than my life in England where I have all the time in the world to sit alone and think about death.

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Comments (7)

Off brand? Psh whatever they're missing out, I think you did a good job. I will say though, thats quite a high number of percentage for sales, might be too high. Good luck in the Netherlands. I already follow some of these fine folks, I like posts that promote people. Perhaps I should do so in my next post.

That office looks great man. Congratulations!

You should have like tiny appliances, or desks or furniture to sell the theme of tinyBuild. Its like a big room with really tiny things. not necessarily functional but you might win interior design awards for it.

Well this post has been depressing.

I mean, these people are so good that it's depressing me.

I like how the bed is on a higher level. I hope you pan on putting your desk below it.

Thanks for posting me up on here! Jazz isn't my only thing, in fact it's one of my least explored genres. Glad you like my music!