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I-smel update!

2014-10-11 08:46:24 by I-smel

Hello Newgrounds.com! It's me :)))


I guess my last update was in about April. News since then is basically that everyone loves SpeedRunners, and tinyBuild has published Lovely Planet, Spoiler Alert and Fearless Fantasy! SpeedRunners and No Time To Explain are headed to Xbox One, incase you didn't hear. I appeared at Gamescom and PAX Prime, and tinyBuild as a company has appeared at goddamn every event on the face of the earth.1501378_141303158331_n.jpgMe, Tasha and Chris Broncel: SpeedRunners fan #11501378_141303158262_fb105f1037ebdd500a0e7b44ecd53810.pngIt takes this many people to run our massive PAX booth! (and two XBox ONE stands downstairs, and an Indie Megabooth stand)

Right now this week I'm animating lots of speedy Speedrunners characters going in soon in the next update. Am I allowed to talk about our tie-ins with other games? No. But I can tell you that we finally have extra animation help! We met Studio YOTTA at PAX. They're a major part of a lot of Newgrounds talent like Harry Partridge and Egoraptor and whoever the new meat on the block is. They are a smidge better than me, so very happy to be in these guys' portfolio.

So that's business but what am I up to as a person? Well I made a lasagna today and that was a big first for me. It's kind of wet, but it tastes good, I think it came out a lot better than I expected to be honest.
I hopped around Europe a lil bit, I went to Belgium, Barcelona, Budapest and Hamburg. I'll be heading to Slovenia for new years!1501378_141303158132_4684ebf9f0c6ca9a15c0da2e39cb3c35.png
PROOF, it's me in Budapest.
I couch-surfed and we hosted a magician here at our house, and I did mushrooms, tonne o girls, etc. The guy below me is the developer of Unreal Flash right here on Newgrounds, SMALL WORLD RIGHT?? Wow!

So this is me jamming all the big positive news into one post, but it's obviously there are downsides too. I went travelling by myself mainly to face a big phobia I had of being alone, or just by myself outside, and it was pinning me down in a lot of ways. Also I had an anxiety attack at PAX, like a full-on I lost my hearing and vision, and all I could feel was my heart kicking the merciless hell out of me. Nobody's life is just 100% rainbows and there are things that keep me up at night the same as everyone else, I think it's always important to say that. I have to be a lot more of a suit now that tinyBuild is doing well, but that's just something my body's not doing, and I crash up against the shore every time. I'm a developer-ass developer, really, I got into this to design and animate and code. I'm John Lasseter, not Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is an asshole.
So I'll probably be in the office working on new stuff if you're ever lookin for me at PAX again, I'm sorry guys!

So to end on a lighter note I'm really happy right now with my gitlfriend Eve, she tames wild horses and rides a motorbike and shoots guns, she's a cutey.

If you'd like to keep an eye on me, my twitter is @tombrientweets and you can try adding me on facebook if you wanna be friends! Sorry I can't talk more, but y'know, it'd just be the size of a fuckin book I can't shorten these posts down.
Til next time, Newgrounds! I'll upload more games here some day, I promise! :)1501378_141303158032_55a6e908e7b114dc9aa45439d8c3005d.pngThis fuckin' guy...


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2014-10-11 12:14:13

You really entered the scene with stylez yo.

I-smel responds:

I entered the here scene on Newgrounds, and yeah I think I had style back then!


2014-10-11 13:04:52

I want to be you when I grow up.


2014-10-11 19:30:52

You are the most interesting user on NG.

I-smel responds:

I'd like to be talking about a new game, or designing on a new game, really.


2014-10-12 14:54:10

Woah! I want to write more and comment on lots of things but the kids are all over my shit but WOAH!

I-smel responds:

Adjusting to the difficult politics that come with this whole thing is something I could write pages and pages about, and I bet you're the same, but it's against the rules for me to talk about anything work-related any more.

I can still say ANYTHING about this lasagna, if anyone's interested in that.


2014-10-13 09:11:48

That was a healthy update, glad youre doing well! I liked slovenia when i went a few years ago. If you have the time to trek out to Bled, do it, beautiful place to sit and ponder at how far you have come along and how much work is still left to be done, in a positive way.

I-smel responds:

Yeah I'm going with some friends, I can't really wander too far.

I did get up high on a hill every time I went somewhere and sat around for a long time though, that's always really nice. This is something I like doing now.