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Told you I'd keep in touch!

2013-11-22 17:27:00 by I-smel

What up Newgrounds!!! Here's our latest trail for SpeedRunners, you should buy it:

SpeedRunners is doin A-OK! I'm a lot happier working on this than I am my previous game, because it's a lot more fun to play! I love testing new levels in the office, I could play it all day. Our office is big now, there's about 6 people in there usually, tinyBuild's a fuckin legit company. SO MUCH WORK TO DO BEFORE CHRISTMAS OH MY GGOOOOODDDDD!!!!!!

tinyBuild is gonna publish it's first game that I've barely touched at all soon. Scary stuff. We almost published a COUPLE o games so far, but the deals didn't stick. I can't say which ones, but they're good ones. I just went to CASUAL CONNECT recently, it's in UKRAINE. Very fun, reading кириллица is cool. It's that russki-speak with all the ДЖИЛҀФЦЧЩЮѺѮѰ crazy fucking nonsense. It's cool to walk around a city that looks like that. I'm going back there soon for DevGAMM. I'm giving a talk on animation, so I hope I do a good job of it. If it's online, I'll share later.

Our game JetGetters is about to get a public announcement maybe next week. It's fucking scary cos I haven't touched that project in forever- but when you have a business with a tight schedule of getting shit done then you have to start promoting a game before it works. Aint no stoppin this train we're on, that's reality, buddy! It should be a really fucking amazing game... in theory.


Like any of these? Can you think of a better one? We went back and forward on it a lot, and eventually leaned back into JetGetters, but please tell me what you think is a good name.

Fuckin shit newgrounds, the passed 6 months of my life have bin the highest highs and the lowest lows. Move to a different country if you ever wanna mix things the fuck up- I'm over here waitin for the arrival of SinterKlaas right now and the annual racism festival. Tell ya what, I'm pretty bummed out living in a house by myself right now though. Noone to talk to :( any tips on that?

Oh and I have not even NOTICED there's a PlayStation 4. I haven't played a videogame in forever, holy fuckin moley.

Told you I'd keep in touch!


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2013-11-22 17:34:17

Oh I guess we got an Occulus Rift dev kit.
It's fun to fuck around with, but if I'm gonna dedicate any more of my time to WORK right now then it better be on something that's gonna make us some fucking money; that's the thing. I'd like to design a game for it, but I'd also like to finish all my work on SpeedRunners, make sure JetGetters plays well, and also get a few hours fucking sleep.

Also if any cute teenage girls wanna fly over to Amsterdam for a while and sleep with me, now'd be a pretty good time. I am throwin my dick around like it's on fire over here but no fuckin luck whatsoever, and I could rreeeeaaaaallllly use it right now in this empty house every night.
Yeah I said it.


2013-11-22 17:45:33

Don't forget about us, consumers.
We don't want half-assed crap shoveled down our throats.
Better delay the release than release a bad game.
Not talking about SpeedRunner, it WILL be awesome because YOU are working on it :D

I-smel responds:

Shoveling down your throat is pretty harsh, I'm puttin in on Pirate Bay myself.

Y'know what- half-assed crap is pretty harsh too, I was in the office til eight o'clock today! Gimme a break, buddy!


2013-11-22 17:55:00

Seven Skies, Skyjack, Wreckless, Sky High are the best ones.
Fly Hard: Motherfuckers with Guns is unusual.
Everything else is okay, except:
Hostile Hijack - for me it sounds too passé.
I also have two suggestions: High as Hell and Fiery Heavens.


2013-11-22 17:59:20

Speedrunners is lookin' pretty great. Could be the sort of thing that spawns one of those hardcore competitive gaming communities.

As for potential names, I liked high steel, skyheist (as one word), and skyjack(s). Good luck with the announcement.


2013-11-22 18:04:16

Man, speedrunners looks super great. I can't wait to play it.


2013-11-22 18:31:53

What I said is not addressed personally at any body. It's related to large game-publishing corporations like EA Games, 1C, GSC Game World. My point was just to warn that you don't become like them.
Rest easy, I-smel.


2013-11-22 20:17:40

Oh man! That looks amazing!!


2013-11-22 20:28:05

removed video? :(

I-smel responds:


found it


2013-11-23 09:27:54

Occulus Rift eh? Nice! Guy brought one into my computer class to show it off. Was pretty cool, but the frame on it wasnt for glasses, so I couldn't really see all that well. Thing with that is My eyes started to hurt a few minutes after I used it. You experiencing anything like that with it?

I-smel responds:

The one they use in classrooms is probably the Dev kit. The developer's version is cool, but there's such a low resolution that you can see the pixel grid sitting on the end of your nose, and the latency between when you move your head, and when the game camera updates, isn't quite there.

I played a final polished version at Gamescom though and it was really fucking amazing.mit was as cool as watching a 3D movie for the first time. So you didn't miss out on anything spectacular that day, and you should still keep an eye out for the final version.


2013-11-23 09:47:56

Youtube removed the video :(

I-smel responds:


woops sorry :I