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I-smel's News

Posted by I-smel - March 20th, 2011

HEY I haven't posted for a while. I didn't want people thinkin I was spamming up the NG front page or anythin, so I dissapeared for a couple weeks.
I wrote a thing on developing an identity for the game, that's got a bunch of concept art in if you wanna check it out.


That's what we got so far!
I feel like this video's still pretty ametuer, but yo I'm just one person. I rendered it like 50 times over the week.
Oh and yeah, dude that's real music! That's game music.

I THINK we're gonna announce something soon? Some kind of- deal... bonus... something? Am I supposed to talk about that yet? I DON'T KNOW! TinyBuild.com, keep an eye on it.

back to work

Posted by I-smel - March 2nd, 2011


Today I talked about how I think Level 1 is allways the most important part of a game, and how boss fights are good and shouldn't be bad, etc.
I'm havin real trouble making good artwork for this game. It's not that I can't draw; I just don't know how to make a good composition.

Me n Alex are talkin about doin some weird shit with this game right now.
I'm having a genuine conversation with someone about how we're gonna manage the pacing and how the levels are laid out, this is way more planned than my games usually are.

I didn't do anythin else this week, soz.

NO TIME update, etc

Posted by I-smel - February 22nd, 2011


For those of you who don't know: I'm making No Time to Explain into a real fuckin game, and this is the blog of it.
I wanted to voice-record this whole blog post cos I know nobody likes to read, but my house hasn't bin empty all week :/

Anyway I released a tiny game this week, it's called Dead Space Invaders. I made it in an afternoon. Cos y'know.. Dead Space... Space Invaders... So many people missed that joke.

Also I got entered into a thing. I was hangin out in this Ustream chat, cos-- apparantly Newgrounds does this thing where some o the dudes in the office go through EVERY SUBMISSION THAT DAY below like a 4 or 3.5 and just broadcast it and talk n shit. And people hang out in the chat. It's on for FUCKING HOURS!
Anyway I left this thing open all day cos I was workin on stuff, then suddenly I'm hearin "I_SMELL... I_SMELL DO YOU WANT THIS IDEA? SAY YES OR NO" and long-story-short I'm on Luis's team and had to make a game called PUPPIES TOSSING MOUSTACHED WELDERS in 2 days.

So me n Luis made the best fucking game you've ever seen about softcore bestiality- but we didn't finish. I think Luis got trapped under the rubble of a century-old decaying fortress or something. I'm not sure.
I wanted to finish it mainly because some fuckin dude on the stream said I only make games to get money or something-I mean what the fuck is that about?

No Time To Explain FOR REAL, and other stuff

Posted by I-smel - February 14th, 2011


This is me basically talkin about what the game is, how I'm buildin it to be better than the original, where things are goin, etc etc.


Posted by I-smel - February 5th, 2011

Hey I'm still makin that fighting game-- except now I'm not. I just stopped today cos IMPORTANT SHIT JUST WENT DOWN.

Some o the animations are dumb, but she's only like 90$ done- BUT FUCK ALL THAT!-

Someone was playin my games recently and decided they want to work with me on something. They want me to take one o my small games and make it a FULL game, and put it up for sale on THE massive online game store, and then also a bunch of smaller ones.
This isn't some dude on a forum either, this is a real company with dozens of games under it's belt.
And they're not a company of jerks- he doesn't even want a logo or any branding. Just half the sales money. I was on Skype this morning fo like half an hour talking it over.

So over the next week I'm gonna be working on a small prototype of a DELUXE version (or SUPER or HD or whatever you wanna call it) of one o my games.
It's only gonna take a few months to make the final thing, so don't expect Super Meat Boy or anything.

I'm kind ofskeptical of my own ability to make somethin worth paying for. I can only really imagine my games being like a commercial product if I expanded on em MASSIVEly- but this guy says to just make a decent level editor, build enough levels, keep the doofy action style I've allready got, an it'll sell.

but hey I'd only be spendin this amount of time on a regular game anyway, so HEY WHY NOT

Id usually post a jpeg here but it's too big

Posted by I-smel - January 9th, 2011

HEY!! IT'S 4am!!!!!!!!!

Here's the dude I just finished. Actually he's not finished, I haven't done a running kick yet. I feel so shit cos that means I couldn't do a full guy in a week, and this game's gonna take forever :(


/* */
He's like a presidential bodyguard dude who tackles guys n throws you around. Sadly I'm gonna have to finish im tomorrow.
I HAVE'NT THOUGHT OF WHAT THE NEXT GUY IS AT ALL D: I want it to be a girl but duuuhhhhrrr???? If you have any ideas, please fuckin throw em at me. Also if you want to do some work that'd be cool too...
I was thinkin like a stereotype anime girl who's got jet planes for legs like my Girlchan character I made up (who won that contest? Ego please PM me or somethin cos I wanna know) but it turns out Tekken allready did that >:I

No Time To Explain came out and everyone loves it! I never get to say that! Thanks, to everyone who likes that game, and thanks to DruoxtheShredder who did the absolute perfect voice for it.
I started a company like last month- did I mention that? I haven't made any fuckin money yet D:
Thanks NG Ads, at least I've got somethin in there.

I noticed the Newgrounds Manchester Meet is in a few days; some guy just reminded me. I live IN Manchester, like 20 minutes from the town centre.
mmmmmmmnnnnnggrghhgrhghrghghghghghhhhh hh
gonna be honest: I don't wanna go. I've got this nightmare scenario where I turn up and everyone is stereotype nerds n Im just like aaaawwwwwwwww WELL- THIS IS ME! and I'd hate myself completely.
Like I did this games course when I was 17, an I was like OH BOY, NOW IM GONNA HAVE FRIENDS TO TALK ABOUT VIDEOGAMES WITH! an I got there, and it was the biggest gaggle of losers youve ever seen, for like 2 years, an it fuckin sucked the life out o me
IT'S NOT YOU, Newgrounds- I'm not sayin anythin about you personally; Ive just got this fear that I'm that guy who fuckin-
aaaawwwwwwwww ccccchrist

an that's I-smel news fo this week! please design me a 4th dude ffs

Fighting game update - 3rd dude

Posted by I-smel - January 1st, 2011

I rang in the new year in a dance battle with a black man.
In the end I think I lost, but I held my own for a WHILE.

Anyway I'm makin a fighting game- I haven't made a LOT of progress cos I don't work over christmas, but YO CHECK IT OUT THERE'S A SECOND DUDE!!!!

/* */
I'm not 100% done with im cos his kick is shit n his Super's a bag o crap, but whatever. He's in.
Check out the devlog here if you're super bothered.

There was something else I was gonna talk about, but I forgot what.
If you liked Duck Sim, I released two new games last week, go check them out.
I still have a formspring BUT I'M NOT GONNA LINK IT, HAHAHAHA!

OH- I've got a Livestream now if you're a sad loser.I didn't make it cos I'm an egotistical wanker; I made it cos I was playing Majora's Mask, and I needed people to help me do it. So I made an account where my friends can swear at me in real-time.
And now that I've downloaded the thing, I might aswell use it. It's free.

That's it, bye.

Posted by I-smel - December 17th, 2010

Thanks to the voice guys last week who sent me stuff for my stealth game. Shock-Dingo is now pretty much everyone. Other guys sounded a bit too generic, or hardcore, or like a dude on the internet- also he had a good idea for how the attack team would sound that was way better than what I came up with.
BUT I'm still lookin for a voice for the guards, which is kindof like the main voice in the game.
Everything's here- but I'm gonna add: Don't think of them as guards. They're average joes, like Lenny in The Simpsons, or Barney Rubble in the Flintstones, or any relatable dad in any sitcom.
They live in a city with no crime or violence; so I'm lookin for a guy out of his comfort zone, maybe trying to sound like he's in charge. Like a security guy in real life, or a cop who just directs traffic.
So thanks if anyone goes fr that.

FIGHTING GAME- what?? I think I'm making one. Like a Street Fighter fighting game. I'm not 100% confident with it though for a lot of reasons:
-Playing these things on a keyboard sucks
-Does anyone wanna play a fighting game that's not multiplayer? Cos I can't do that.
-Would anyone bother learning the characters for a free web game?
-It'd be a shitload of animation!
-It's gonna take about 2 months. What if I start hating it after like 4 characters?

So I'm nervous about this. If it comes out shit then I'll be all sad fo the whole ride. I'm thinkin maybe if I can make sure it's FUN now, then I'll feel fine, but I can't get it fun. Somethin's missing, somethin's not right, I've bin up n down every forum and all anyone says is "yeah man it's fine" or whatever. So HERE IT IS.
I've got one character, he's a Spanish flamenco dancer / matador. The art's not final so don't tell me off.
I'm aiming for this to be easy to jump into, no big moves-lists to revise, no 10-hit combos, big crazy Supers...

Please tell me why I'm not excited about this game yet.
Also follow this devlog of the game if you're interested!

AND thanks to all the people still posting stuff on my Formspring! I opened it one day n there was like 10 new questions. REAL questions aswell, no spam. It was awesome.

OH- I was gonna make a parody Tonky Hawk game where you could jump and didnt have to land; but I got bored of it. Then I read that news post n I was like yeah, probably fo the best.

Posted by I-smel - December 5th, 2010

To anyone who's voiced a game for me recently: That game isn't out yet.

In other news I am OVERJOYED to say that I found Rule-34 Robot Dinosaur porn on Google Images the other day.
I can't believe it, this is amazing. I allways said that I'll know I've made it when there is fake internet porn of somethin I've made- and it's finally happened. I'm a real thing now- I'm a thing that people know!

Also I started a company. It's nothin cool, I just went to an accountant to sign up as self-employed and he said I'd save money if I just called it a company.
So now TOMBRIEN ltd. is a thing.
It's exactly the same as not owning a company, but now I have to write everything down.Whatevs.

There's not much else to say right now, so I'll fill this up with somethin else:
I realised at one point thatit would've bin really cool to have all my games taking place in the same fake city. Like in Marvel Comics how Spider-Man teams up with fuckin Fantastic Four whenever he wants, or how Batman is mates with Superman irl.
BUT I came up with that after I'd finished Crunchdown.
So over the passed few years I've bin retro-actively connecting all my games together with dumb props n shit.
So keep an eye out for that dumb stuff in future.

Not much else to say.
My mates went to visit my other mates n didn't tell me, what the fuck is up with that?? >:(

/* */

Who wants to VOICE a stealth game? +other fun stuff

Posted by I-smel - November 3rd, 2010

/* */
Yeah that's right it's orthogonal. Makes it kind of hard cos now I have to draw everything from like 8 different angles. LOOK AT THIS SHIT!
Oh and by the way I've got A* pathfinding now. Someone on FGL helped me out with it.

It's kind of glitchy right now n the animations jump around a lot, but yo that's the update.

Here's a classic putty patrol clip: I regard this as poetry in motion.

/* */