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My first commercial game is OUT!!

Posted by I-smel - August 19th, 2011

hey guys hows it goin
Before I talk about me- HOW'S IT GOIN WITH YOU? Things good? everythin goin ok? alright cool.

No Time To Explain came out on Monday. It's not out everywhere, we had a cold release incase anythin went wrong, it'll be up on Direct2Drive n Gamersgate n stuff (and bitTorrent) after the weekend. Steam? App Store? who knows!
But you can buy it right now right here.
If you don't know what this game is then lemme take a quote from funny-games.biz:

Kill giant crab in this funny gun game.

If FOR SOME REASON that's not enough then here's a trailer:

BOY have I bin busy the passed few days gettin this FUCKING STUPID MAC VERSION to work, and playing TF2.
Buy it if you want, but yknow I'm not advertisin here. It's pretty short. I wish I was The Behemoth or Team Meat but HEY-... Next one's on me. If this kicks off then we'll hire someone who can actually code or draw, an then things'll really get cookin.

A while ago I said we were having a poster contest. Remember that? Well SOMEONE WON! An they fuckin blew us away! I was ECSTATIC when I opened my inbox that day. We put their credit in the game and sent em some stuff. Then a distributor asked us for "box art", so we sent them this.
... MAYBE we should be taking this more serisously as a company... or maybe everyone else should be having more fun. RIGHT??

So yea; game's out- only buy it if you want it- if you kickstarted us with $5 then CHECK YOUR INBOX cos you got it! We would be heading up to PAX right now but one of us twisted their back or something (?). Something happend. I twisted my neck 2 days before release and it FUCKED ME UP!!!! I WAS SO ANNOYED!!!!
We'll check out who's available to help us make a short little iPhone game, and then we'll jump into round 2. Already got a good bit of it made.

Ask me anything! Except things I'd be uncomfortable answering.

Actually do ask me anything, I'll PM it if it's anything bad.

EDIT--- Oh god I'll tell you what's scary: Comin back to web games after about 8 months. I just played Nanobeast on the front page thinkin "Yeah this'll probably be a pretty average shooter"
...OH MAN. That game is PRETTY GOOD, and it's free, and it's pretty good. oh no
oh boy
ohhhhh goodnight Irene!

My first commercial game is OUT!!

Comments (35)

i really hope triple gear is somewhere in there :P

Not quite Triple Gear, but there is a very cool homage to Triple Gear in there somewhere.
Actually we'll bring out the soundtrack soon, in a few days.

I'm definitely buying this when it comes to Steam. Looks great!


SIDE NOTE--- Here's somethin else I've bin doin: ...I'm not a fan of anime.
I don't watch it.
I assume they're all bad.
I stop watching after like the 3rd episode, no matter what it is.
Once every... 15 months- I'll get into one.

The joke was: "Post the last thing you masturbated to", and AS A JOKE I searched youtube for "melancholy suzuyima dancing anime". 20 minutes later, I decided to watch episode 1 as a joke. Then I WATCHED THE WHOLE SERIES, AND IT WAS THE BEST!!!!
IT'S ABOSLUTELY DUMB AS DICK! They TRICK YOU into thinking it's about a japanese schoolgirl dance troop, but then it TOTALLY ISN'T!
Then I watched this episode where they enjoy summer break, and the episode after that was the EXACT SAME SCRIPT, COS THEY WERE STUCK IN A TIME-LOOP.
Then that episode happened again, and again, and again, 8 times. Episodes 2 through 9 are the same thing, but with DIFFERENT OUTFITS JUST TO PISS OFF THE ANIMATORS. It's like that episode of Dexter's Lab, but if it was 4 hours long.
great great great great great. I laughed at some parts. I LAUGHED at an ANIME. I couldn't believe it. Love it to bits.


Yeah, that was weird: Finding out that when you release a game, people say "congratulations".
That's weird, getting that.
It might still turn out to be a really shit idea yet!

Remember when I said I'd think about buying it?

Oh boy... This is awkward.

I dont remember that AT ALL!

Hey man good luck with the game! It looks really well developed! I wish I could buy it but gotta save money for college! Anyway good luck withe verything man!

High five man. Congrats on getting into the indie game industry professionally, whatever the hell THAT means. ;)


It IS out on Linux. ONE STEP AHEAD!!!

I will be downloading this as soon as it available for the Mac. I think you did an AMA on reddit that I participated in. If you do get it on Steam (I hope you do) add free DLC that adds new levels and what not. Then if you want to make more money just release themes or extra stuff that is not more gameplay please. I (and tons of other people) hate DLC that feels required to get the full game experience.

TL;DR Buying for Mac, please on Steam, free DLC if it is made.

I dunno, Alex writes all the reddit stuff

watch the trailer, there is free dlc

I love this game! :D

Bought it, I'll probably make a video play through on youtube.


Your posts are very annoying to read, it's like stream of consciousness writing. :O

IT IS!!!
regular "this game is out" posts are boring

You want actual MONEY from me just so I can play a videogame? What's all this now? :3

Here are uncomfortable question: Do you really smell? Also, would you have sex for money?

yes and yes

Also, the last part of your trailer made me giggle.

"YOU'LL GET IT FOR FREE!!" *seizure flashing*

that part was my idea

Also, your game looks horribly difficult.

it's not

bought it.

i love you

you sure wont after you play this game!

holy shit, buying it as soon as I can.
congrats on the release !

you seriously watched the endless 8 ?
I gave up at the second one and skipped it to the last lmao


The track from the flash game is so much better than what's used in the launch trailer. Why didn't you go with that?

It wasn't made by any of us.
First off: Triple Gear is a spin on the main theme of the NES game Top Gear, so I don't know how legal it is for us to use it.
Second: It's made by APXN, a Newgrounds user (http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/
listen/75343) and I don't wanna steal that guy's song n ask people to buy it.
and third: I'm really proud of our main theme, made by mrFuby (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x q0-DnILpz8)
Listen to the whole thing, cos it goes all over the place!

The soundtrack's GREAT, it's way better than any contribution I had to the game, and it really shines as something that can hold up with or without No Time To Explain.


I too was worried itd be as difficult as the original was but it was comfortable and the little variations in the play style and strategy was good touch. Ive not beat it yet but nice work.

Its no puppies masturbating welders but itll doooo

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