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New game announced, by us, right now!!!

2013-06-17 11:25:42 by I-smel

The multiplayer competetive runner as developed by DoubleDutch and published by tinyBuild!!!!!

Hitting Steam Early Access soon, but please play the beta before then so we can make sure nothing's broken.
I'm doing art and animation. It's still in production so GET OFF MY BACK!!!!!
...I'm probably not supposed to put trailers on Newgrounds, so y'know.

Had that one in the chamber for a while. Since last post I've MOVED TO THE NETHERLANDS. It was a whole big crazy thing, this is my first time moving anywhere, and I had to leave all my family and friends behind at the airport. I could talk about that forever, it's a big huge deal, but the most relevant thing is that the official tinyBuild offices will be UP SOON in Hilversum. We're right near and around developers of such games as Awesomenauts, Ridiculous Fishing, Kill Zone 3, and of course the beloved FINGLE.

I seriously have moved to the Netherlands, I don't know any fucking Dutch.

SpeedRunners is an awesome game to play in-person. The screen keeps up with whoever's in the lead, and you have to knockout everyone else by getting them off the screen, like in Smash Brothers. I cam in and started designing characters for it- so far there's 4 in-game, and a tonne of others on my hard-drive. I want a billion fucking stoopid-ass characters to find and collect (and trade? boy I sure hope so)
Can you tell who was in that trailer?? Of course it's fucking world-famous Joshua Tomar.
We actually had Druox from No Time To Explain on standby, so a couple of his lines made it in there too this morning.
This is my first time not 100% taking over control of our trailers. Please complain about it a lot so I get it back next time.

Possible new multiplayer in-browser Unity game coming from us next week. My 100% most popular games are always the joke ones I make in a weekend, and this one's pretty fucking hilarious. I won't spoil it though.

Ok so here's a space for me to rant a thing; The ex-Call of Duty guys announced their next game last week, and the big ending of their gameplay video is ejector-seating out of a mech, ragdolling up into the sky, and landing on the back of another mech.
I am so fucking pissed off and bummed out by that, because our awesome idea was to make a game all about that. That's some old footage, but you can totally hang on the back and shoot around n stuff now, like in their game. It's gonna look like we're a copy or something uugggghhhh!!!!! I was so happy with this being a fun new idea!!

Anyway who knows what we'll do after SpeedRunners (releasing this year).
I'm thinking of ripping all the characters and story and level arc out of PUNCHgunner and making it more of a Geometry Wars survival beat-em-up. I could release that within a few months!
Which-- by the way 17-Bit's next game GALAK-Z looks pretty similar to that. BBUUUUUHHHHHHH!!!!!!! EVERYONE STOP MAKING GAMES TIL I'VE FINISHED ALL MINE.

Anyway SpeedRunners: play it soon!

Everyone's riding bikes, but when you go to buy a bike it's like 500 euros.

New game announced, by us, right now!!!


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2013-06-17 12:04:17

You sound like me now, "Hey that's a cool thing you got in your game there, just a heads up that we're doing something similar in a game we're making so I hope it doesn't look like we copied."

On that note our melee shooter is more like a melee platformer with some shooter sequences now...

That is NUTS that you moved to the Netherlands! I imagine being a stranger in a strange land helps you focus on cranking on games since you don't have that whole social life thing getting in the way, although you do have a whole new country to explore so that might be distracting.

The competition to stay on camera in SpeedRunners sounds really fun.

I-smel responds:

Yeah I'm doing loads of weird Dutch stuff, like buying bicycles and eating FRIKANDEL(?)
At least when I'm makin the same game mine never comes out!

I am doing loads of game stuff, we wanna release a Unity browser game this week that's pretty nuts. Hopefully I have enough excuses to go out n find new friends though.

SpeedRunners is mad good in-person, it's like everyone's playing Mario Kart or Smash Brothers or something.


2013-06-17 12:28:41

That game looks great, that trailer was great, that animation was great.
Did you animate the intro short?

I-smel responds:

I wanted to lip-sync that last part, but we just put the voices in today.

You had a great animation reel recently, I remember watching it.


2013-06-17 12:29:09

The game looks terribly fun!


2013-06-17 12:53:36

That game looks sweet.
How's Netherlands vs. England and even USA?

I-smel responds:

It is completely fucking flooded with bicycles.

Food is weird, you can go to a Subway and get crab, and go to a coffee shop and get weed.

So far it seems nice. Rent is fucking expensive compared to where I'm from. Yesterday I went to a REDDIT MEETUP (boooo, not my idea) but it was fine and nobody was that weird. The beer was llike dark 8%, 10% beer which was gross, I don't know why all the girls were on that.


2013-06-17 13:34:42

Mmmm, this looks like something helluva fun. I'l probably sign up for the beta.

Now, I would like to ask a question: you mentioned the ability to trade characters, I suppose through Steam trade; did you think about mods and user-generated content? I'm pretty sure that lots of people would like to create a custom character and use it by themselves or upload it to the Workshop.

Again, I know nothing about how the game is programmed, so I may have said something extremely stupid, but eh, there's no harm in asking I guess.

I-smel responds:

I would like to do that, but wouldn't people just upload a bunch of broken nonsense and hardcore pornography?

I don't get how Steam Workshop isn't 100% that. We'll look it up at some point.


2013-06-17 15:15:45

nice work man, your animation is really impressive too

(Updated ) I-smel responds:

I used Swivel to take the footage out of Flash and we were both like "woah!"
The video was a huge resolution, and about the same kb as the .swf.
but then that went into Sony Vegas, so yknow :I

lol wow, by the time this came out I totally forgot that I animated it.


2013-06-17 17:13:30

Well, don't expect on learning the language too quickly, but you're lucky that most Dutchmen speak English. If I'd lived near Hilversum, I'd teach you a couple o' words myself.
The grapple in Speed Runners looked like a chore at first because it pulls you way back, until I read that it was about staying on camera rather than 'finishing quickly'. That sounds infinitely more fun and is a cool gameplay concept. I'm interested!


2013-06-18 11:56:11

The game looks really cool. Is it just coming out for steam?

I-smel responds:

I dunno, we haven't talked about it yet. We'll all be in one office soon, so I'll find out.