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2013-04-04 07:46:57 by I-smel

Open this link in a new tab, watch The Reward. I just spotted it on the front page, but I watched this animated short a couple months ago and it's one of my favourites ever. Newgrounds is fucking ripe for stuff like this, you'll love it. I'm not affiliated with this, I just like it.
...oh I guess if you like more animated shorts you can click here. Ideally you'd click on Newgrounds.com, in a perfect world.

SO I WENT TO GDC LAST WEEK, I went to Flash Game Summit and GDC. It'd be crazy fucking ridiculous to fit my whole adventure in one post, cos it was a big fat 10 days, but I'll try n bullet-point it.

San Francisco is full of fucking homeless people. For a long-post conversation about my stuff in Callifornia, read this thread with me in it!

Anyway I met the Abobo guys, I met Kingdom Rush, I met Burrito Bison, drank some beers with TheVillageBlacksmith, met the guys at GiantBomb, met the developer of SpaceChem outside the Valve party, sauntered out of that thing at like 1am into a limo we couldn't afford, and some guy hopped over said "I'll cover the rest of that limo!"
The fucking developer of Surgeon Simulator, is who that was. Whole thing was nuts. It was a mad-libs of a week, with random game words thrown in.

A bunch of people knew No Time To Explain, I apologized profusely, but EVERYONE fucking knew Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar. It got to the point where I would say "Have you ever heard of Robot Dinosaurs?" and people would open up n shout "OH THAT WAS YOU??" I like it a lot more when people recognize the games I also like.

JuicyBeast already knew about the jet game I was working on? They read my newgrounds blog, it turns out.
That game's on pause now. I'm working with another developer on a different game. We've not mentioned it yet, but it's a multiplayer game and it's fun. It just needs a layer of character and personality that I'm gonna be adding with art n animations, then we'll help give it the kind of attention and sales that our game got, and hopefully have made a friend.
I'm currently really excited about this as a game, and how fun the game is, but MAYBE TELL ME THE DEADLINE BEFORE I DESIGN ALL THIS STUFF AND FUCKING SIGN UP FOR IT?
Lessons learned.

What else what else what else... I dunno. Let's just call that it.
Right before I left for GDC, I sold Mighty Tower to 2PG, a site that exclusively hosts games you can play with 2 people on one keyboard. Ideally I would've converted Robot Dinosaurs aswel, but going back to old games from 2009 is fucking impossible. I animated him an intro anyway. Also I said I'd plug this, but forgot last week cos I just spammed out a big fat post in my hotel room. About how bad flash game sites are! arg, sorry!!!

Welp: better get to crunching on this new project. Sorry in advance there's not 30 playable characters. Who all have individual taunt animations and fighting-game portraits. And their heads won't turn to look at each other in-game, and there probably won't be that speeding train le-- look we'll probably update it all post-release right?
We're not gonna end up DECREASING the quality of this product by adding a layer of really rushed and unfinished features, right?
It'll probably be fine.



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2013-04-04 07:53:53

That is the coolest picture I've ever seen! Really classy!


2013-04-04 08:03:18

Oh-- and I completely forgot this: I did the harlem shake at the Valve party with the animation director of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet.

I know right? What!!


2013-04-04 09:49:16

Dammit back when I went to parties at conventions I just roamed around with a drink, had a discussion about how the parties always looked more fun in pictures, then left. WHERE WAS MY HARLEM SHAKE

I-smel responds:

Oh plenty of bullshit stuff happened aswel, don't worry.

We lied our way into the IGN party for about 20 seconds, then got booted and had to walk back down the line like "PPFFFFF MUST BE SOMETHIN WRONG WITH THEIR GUEST LIST MAN, I DUNNO! BUNCH O JERKS, AM I RIGHT!?"
Then we went to a party hosted by some-... Windows Phone 8 app distributor?
I mean the Valve thing was ballin'
but I'm a dancer, so if people are dancing then that's me onboard.


2013-04-04 10:31:22

Sounds like you had a crazy time man, good shit,

I-smel responds:

It sounds pretty awesome crammed into one post.


2013-04-04 10:39:30

I bet you were yoloing all the way...

(Updated ) I-smel responds:

Not really, I still stared at people I recognised without saying anything, and ate mostly hamburgers and pizza.
Not very yolo.

EDIT- Although those sunglasses practically scream #YOLO


2013-04-04 11:27:29

Would be awesome with linked pictures of the people you met instead of/as well as just their profile links. Always entertaining to see how the people behind amazing games really look IRL. Sounds like fun though!

I-smel responds:

I didn't take pictures of everyone, sorry.


2013-04-05 04:38:21

I remember driving my friends old fireo in Woshington DC back in 2005. Nice car, bad engine.