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2013-01-26 18:45:17 by I-smel

It's not that new, I still make games by myself in my parent's house.
Jus chattin about games I done.

Game's on Steam. THE Steam, that people know about. Before you ask: sales are good, but nothing mind-blowing. I'm not about to leave Newgrounds and ONLY UPDATE MY FACEBOOK AND TWITTER FEED LIKE A DICK any time soon.

Lookin at my last news post, it's just me name-dropping ideas I have for games I wanna make. With that in mind, oh my god, I can't believe I'm about to do this, but I have another idea for a game I wanna make and am prototyping. Yeah I suck dick.
Well the good thing is now that No Time's finally fuckin behind me I can actually do this stuff. Provided sales stay active. Enough.
Alright now everyone forget about that immeadiately forever, right after watching this Russian Lets Play.
side-note: I made more sales with this post of me BEING A HUMAN than Alex did being a marketing adbot. More flies with honey, I'm just sayin.

I'm playing Bayonetta right now. It seems good but it's not really grabbing me. Speakin of which, if you like game design and you like beat-em-ups, keep up with this guy's blog, he's really deep into this stuff.

This is a short one.



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2013-01-26 19:10:39

Grats on getting greenlit. I'm sure you are startin' to rake in some serious dough.

I-smel responds:

nah I'm rakin in some pretty casual dough.


2013-01-26 19:16:28

Buying the game soon... real soon!


2013-01-26 19:29:24

I hope totalbiscuit does a wtf on this oh he already did sucks right

I-smel responds:

I hate Lets Plays, but hey I can't give the guy too much flak.


2013-01-26 20:21:08

Thanks for that blog with the beat em ups and stuff. The dude knows what hes talking about.


2013-01-26 20:59:07

It never occurred to me that there are other forums on the internet besides our Flash forum...


2013-01-26 21:10:39

This guys mechanic analysis vids are great,

half the time I tend to go off into mechanic tangents when I review, so its nice to see someone that goes at it full monty.
Also looking forward to your Jet nabbers game, it looks like it could be a blast. you should make cute 3D jets though, all pudgy and shit.

(Updated ) I-smel responds:

I'm prototyping it right now and oh my god this is nuts! Really exciting. I'll post a video of it next week, I guess.
Right now I have flying a jet, a very cool skybox, very fluid and cinematic camera, ejecting out, summoning your jet back to you and catching you.
I'd post a video now, but I wanna bide my time til I have the actual jet-nabbing feature in so I can really impress YOU AAAALALLLLLLL!!!!!!!

Oh and yeah the videos are fun. I actually read the blogs aswel, like the breakdown of Bayonetta and DmC's combat mechanics.


2013-01-26 21:16:59

I'll be purchasing a copy, for sure. Congrats dude!


2013-01-26 22:57:50

You fucking whore.
I just had the idea for a 2d game where you jump out of planes and steal enemy shit!
Idk if that game was ever gonna see the light of day though and I started work on another.
Oh well.
Congrats on the Steam addition!


2013-01-27 01:24:51

Hey, in this post you don't sound like you want to cry and kill something at the same time! :D

I think in time we're all bound to make something we're truly proud of. Probably has something to do with that 10,000 hour threshold they always talk about... I think I'm proud of the game I'm almost done with, but we'll see if it survives in the wild...

How's Unity working out for you now that you seem to have been using it for a while? Is it as simple/easy as it seems, or is it deceptively so...


2013-01-27 02:07:05

wow, you're way too ambitious, which is probably good. Congratulations on the Steam release, it's really good to see more people from Newgrounds sell content on places like Steam. I was just wondering, did you have any legal problems/difficulties in selling a game? I've always been interested in game development but the legal side of selling stuff always seems to drag me down and make me feel less creative, it also makes me feel like I should focus on a different career path..


2013-01-27 11:39:49


I-smel responds:



2013-01-27 12:34:03

Somehow never played NTTE despite reading all of your blog things, gonna buy it now. Do you have a direct sale version on your site or anything (of the update release I mean)?

I-smel responds:

not yet


2013-01-28 01:46:10

When crunchdown and legend of johnny were coming out/being made, everyone I worked with and I were psyched. Back in the day you were the only person really writing good dev blogs.

It's funny you aren't very proud of those anymore, but I guess most developers probably feel the same way.