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2012-12-20 07:35:13 by I-smel

Here's some things:

I missed the Steam sale. I was really pissed off, cos I had to put all this hard work into it and then the game raped itself in half right at the end and set me back like 2 weeks. I don't even like this game, I'm a hair's breadth away from just not selling it- but that'd be a wholly insensible and irrational reaction. Can't wait til I can get back to making good games that I like.

WATCH TRAILERS. My new thing is sick HD watch trailers. Why spend hours and hours watching Dark Knight and Avengers when you could just watch a couple watch trailers back-to-back? These things are amazing and fucking crazy.

BULLY 2 I made a thread on GiantBomb asking what the schoolGIRL version of Bully would be like, but it just turned out to be like 5 pages of people calling me out for being sexist.
After a couple pages I started just brainstorming it myself, and once I started thinking about it like Walking Dead and Persona 4, I actually started thinking this would be a cool game. Cos much like in the Walking Dead, you always have to sell out SOMEONE in high school, and there's loads of "this is a bad choice but I have to do it" decisions. Like smoking, sneakin out, havin sex, what you spend money on, whther you play nice with both your parents, or one of them, or none of em. And like you CANNOT be friends with everyone.
So yea if I could think of a good UI that'd make that game easy to make, I kind of wanna make a school year of decision-making as a teenage girl.
Maybe I've just gone COMPLETELY FUCKING INSANE though.

btw did I never post MegaTennis here?

If this is just a game idea dump, I really wanna make a game called OutRail aswel.

That's it. It's bin a really fucking annoying passed couple of weeks, I hope I can get back to making new games asap.

EDIT- Oh, also this guy took my SecretsOfGaming idea and made it a video and got a billion hits >:(
no- dude- you're not supposed to steal their logo and make it look exactly the same! That way you're just tricking people and pissing them off, this is how you get so many dislikes... URGH this is all wrong!!! The jokes aren't even good, now when I eventually do this I'll look like a ripoff!
Then there was a story about local Kickstarter on the news like 2 years after my one, where was my news interview! Guys it's been an annoying week, I don't know if I've mentioned.


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2012-12-20 08:37:11

Update: this teenage girl game might work if the interface was like a facebook status feed.


2012-12-20 08:57:09

I really appreciated that blog post with all the game interviews, and i definitely know the feeling of "FUCK THIS SHIT, i just want to make a new game"

Also, that is AWESOME that NTTE got on steam :)


2012-12-20 10:35:41

If you want to be annoyed, the game Jeff and I have been working on not only has melee mixed with shooting but it also deals with the social drama of teenage girls! Although it's still years away and some of the school themes mixed with a shooting game might make it too taboo to even release, although it's nothing in the realm of Pico's School but DAMMIT.

Reading your posts always makes me feel like we're riding the same little zeitgeist wave though. I even have a game engine based around Twitter posting in an RPG format (Tweet RPG) but that was about political echo chambers and the march to war among a bunch of birds, not schoolgirls.

(Updated ) I-smel responds:

I started a game a while ago called "How To #SaveTheWorld" and you had to become an internet celebrity and use Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg and Tumblr to share campaigns like Stop Sopa and Kony 2012 and Occupy Wall Street.
A year would pass, and different trends would come in n out, and you had to solve all the world's problems by retweeting youtube videos before they get popular, and getting the top comment on things.
I didn't make it cos it kinda just felt like me being a snarky dick.
Oh hey I mentioned it here: http://i-smel.newgrounds.com/news /post/691972

...I don't know HOW the fuck your shooter thing has anything to do school kids.


2012-12-20 13:54:17

Or better yet Bully 2 as a teacher. Be a total dick and fail all your students while making fun of their bodies in class. Bring back corporal punishment with style. Make hot female students sleep with you to get their grades up to get extra points, don't get caught though!
Ign rates it 4/10 for not having Call of Duty in the title.

(Updated ) I-smel responds:

I read "make hot female students sleep with you to get their grades up" the wrong way and got really confused.


2012-12-20 20:15:59

well fuck those are some cool watches. Seriously. Complicated gear trains in general kick ass, but complicated gear trains that you can wear on your wrist take it up to eleven.

(Updated ) I-smel responds:

No they go up to twelve.


2012-12-20 20:26:46

Mine goes up to 24.


2012-12-21 00:32:32

I really have to play this Walking Dead shit i hear so many people clamoring about.

Maybe they didnt do a story about your kickstarter because they figured you had no time to explain? hurrr im dumb and sleepy. BYE.


2012-12-21 04:46:38

Haha, reading your blogs is always so angsty! Just relax and enjoy life for once! Making games is supposed to be the job everyone dreams about, right?

By the way, I can tell you from personal experience that making a large design document and sticking to it is just as bad idea as freeballing it completely. Actually, it's worse, so don't do it!


2013-01-07 10:21:20

You look like Mac Miller's illegitimate brother.

I-smel responds:

I am.


2013-01-16 16:20:59

I-smel add a Newgrounds Scoreboard for your "Mighty Tower" game.


2013-01-20 16:13:50