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REAL LIFE update!

Posted by I-smel - October 22nd, 2011

I just read this JonBro update, and I looked back at my old posts n remembered that I used to talk about my actual life a lot more as well as just what games I was makin. SO LET'S TRY THAT!

I went out last night n realised I'm angry about everything. Why is everyone so dumb? Like-- why do guys start fights on strangers? What's the point? Why do people even get in arguments? I don't!
Why is this girl tellin me all about her boyfriend and how mean he is? I don't care!
Why do you wanna be on the dancefloor so much? I like to bust a funk n dominate the ladies as much as anyone, but there's NO ROOM to move, EVERY TIME WE COME HERE!!
I thought I was someone who doesn't get annoyed by anything, but now I know that people who are unfunny- like-- when a joke hits me the wrong way... it just SETS ME ON FIRE. That's when I turn into a dick on people; and I was a dick to EVERYONE yesterday!
Is that me projecting myself on other people? boy that'd be a cool twist!

god I just don't understand people at all. Y'ever meet people with no interests? How do they live!??
How can 2 guys talk about football for like 3 hours, but nobody can see the majesty in this intro to Bionic 6?
People think I give a shit about their cats, but if I wanna talk about how She-Hulk was also a lawyer, suddenly I'M CRAZY?
I'm goin to a girl's 21st in a few hours; I'm gonna have absolutely nothing to talk about with anyone there. I'm at a point right now where I don't fit in with anyone in the world. I hate people in real life n I hate people on the internet; I don't understand anyone at all. Is this autism?

I booked my flight to Vegas. A one-person ticket to Vegas is so weird. We're giving a talk at a convention about No Time To Explain and how 2 internet goofs can start a real videogame company over Skype. YES, A REAL FUCKING-- PANEL TALK. My real goal is to make it entertaining. I've never bin to a convention, or to the US, or ever imagined doing anything like this, so it's gonna be pretty weird. Our next game's gonna be a Unity game, incase... any of you give a shit. I was gonna talk a little about how I don't think I tried hard enough on No Time and what our next game's gonna be, but I don't want this to get too long,so.. just ask if you're interested.

CAN YOU BELIEVE I made Robot Dinosaurs over 3 years ago now? It feels like yesterday. My life's not changed much since then. WELL!!-- THAT'S YR UPDATE! That's my life today. I'll come back n read this in a couple years, I bet things'll still be the same. I kind-of wanna read up on what other Newgrounds people are doin in real life now. Have you ever noticed there's a Newgrounds interview series? I JUST noticed this, it's bin goin for months!!

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and why do girls move in packs? and how come some people have bad vibes at clubs and project them on others, if you're in a bad mood, don't stay there! and i agree, sometimes places are toooo crowded. and why do you have to tip bartenders for doing their job? and yeah i bet no one next weekend will be talking about blizzcon invitational or GSL

and good luck at minecon! pretty sure glaiel will be repping closure there

Why do people pay £100 for shirts.. that just look like regular fucking shirts!!?

speaking of shirts. i never understood why people pay so much money for jeans. they are just jeans and they look the same as the inexpensive kind.

I havent decided if i'm swingin' by vegas yet but it looks like itll be funnn

and why does everyone I know have a tattoo of a star, or a flower, or some other boring shit? Regular people are like aliens to me sometimes!

Jonbro's angst is just coming from the problems Facebook has been getting over the years. (He's the CEO of facebook, FYI, listen to his voice again and tell me that's not true. He's facing real life company problems man. Do you understand what it's like? Having to program a whole set of classes? And the chat? Last time I checked, Jonbro had to re occupate over 700 classes just to do ONE fucking event on facebook. The pressure of being mark zuckerburg, man...it's just big.)


And as a serious comment, is your game company actually legally registered? (Like, you did more than create a website and make a name for it you put it on some patent or something etc)

Yes, it's more of a real thing than I let on. I don't manage the business side though, I just make the games.

And I could see how that would be a hilarious joke, but it's not stickin with me, cos I've seen like 2 interviews with Mark Zuckerberg and I don't remember either of em.

and what's with expensive jewelry?? like anyone can tell if it's real or not when you're getting plastered at night with minimal lighting. tits are the only thing guys will care if real or not



I wish there was no punctuation in this post so I could imagine you are just shouting a stream of words at me. So I can feel good inside. What's with this She-Hulk being a lawyer and VEGAS! It must be fun.

I'm glad you asked; She-Hulk is the female counterpart to The Incredible Hulk. Much more stable and in-control than Hulk, She-Hulk actually maintains her day-job as a lawyer WHILE in hulk-form.
http://unrealitymag.com/wp-conten t/uploads/2008/11/hot_cartoons_12 .jpg
The funny thing is that she's really bad at it, and is very self-concious about the fact that she's an 8ft tall green body-builder while on the stand.

Oh and I'm goin to vegas in 3 weeks, gotta exhibit my game No Time To Explain at a conferrence and talk on a panel about how we did all the stuff we did.

odd i couldve sworn posting something

someone that understands me thank you

Sounds awesome, good luck!

Just don't talk to people you don't like talking to. You'll be much more productive that way.

That's everyone.

is no time to explain finished? I got stuck on the first level where I didnt have enough power to go over something and just gave up..

Yea it's a finished game; except for the big update comin out in December.

Shoot down and jump up, I don't know what you could be doin wrong.