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tiny updates from your old pal I-smel

Posted by I-smel - October 2nd, 2011

yo yo yo what's up

My last post was saying that No Time To Explain was out. It's still out.
I'm workin on Season 2 now (the free update with 70 new levels) and it's lookin pretty good. 35 levels done and there's a tonne o stuff that looks different and has new mechanics than the first pack. I think we'll release a trailer for that in about November, cos it comes out in December and I think we're appearing at MineCon.
MineCon is an indie game convention in Vegas run by Mojang. I've never bin to a convention before; we missed Pax and Gamescom cos of BUDGET FLUCTUATIONS
[EDIT I actually went back and remembered that we missed those shows because people were in hospital at the time]
, and I'm really put off by the idea of the crowd of people that'll be there... I mean what kind of person goes to a thing like this, yknow?
We do like all the developer guys there though. Anyway that's still a month away.

Alex spent all last week touring Europe fr like-minded developers, and we are doin some stuff.

BUT ANYWAY FUCK ALL THAT BORING SHIT did you know Egoraptor's auditioning for The Tester? The Playstation reality show where you win it and test videogames as a prize? It's all user-ran, so he's winning by like a million votes. What's that about? He doesn't wanna test videogames, what's goin on?

Last thing: I listen to a billion podcasts and one o my favourites, TalkRadar, is kinda dissapearing. So those guys made a new podcast, it's starting from episode 1, so I thought I'd plug it. LASERTIME is about the dumb side of movies and games n shit where people release idiot things and nobody notices. First episode's mostly about 80s Star Wars spin-off cartoons, and I don't know shit about Star Wars but the guys are funny.
Actually if I'm gonna plug podcasts then you should be listenin to Comedy Bang Bang which is way funnier.

I think that's everythin I could fit in a blog post, I wanted to pad it out with stuff cos I'm not doin anythin interesting.
We're not on Steam but I think we'll have a better chance once Season 2's out.


tiny updates from your old pal I-smel

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Our forum gets attacked by adbot spammers every day and I can only delete em one post at a time. It's really fucking annoying and takes ages, everyone thinks we "don't give a shit".

Oh I fuckin wish I could program or have a collab buddy to do it for me. Your games make me cum and wish I could whip up one.
Anyway awesome work. No need to say keep it up. Pretty sure you will.

same here, I wish I could cum!

when is it going open source :3

it's not, but Season 2 is comin out with a level editor and a portal to browse through everyone's user-made levels.

so you can make levels out of every mechanic in the game, using every character, with any tileset. And it's very very easy to use, you just paint blocks on a canvas.


You wouldn't understand it cuz it was written in AS2.

(A.K.A. I really need to learn AS3)

yea thanks fr makin sure everyone knows that

It doesn't matter whether we can edit levels or not, I want to nerdgasm over the classes you've made and the return types that are used.

well unlucky fr you I don't know what those words mean!

if you wanna know what I did with the "gravity" box: I proudly ticked it.

i lol'd ^

also glad to see the second part is coming along! if it's a 'free' update does that mean you still have to download the previous game? if you get it on a new download client how would you track if people have downloaded the first if it's required for the second? or would you just release both seasons to Steam?

Oh- yeah, this is free to everyone who already bought the game.

Alex is handling all the distribution, and I don't play PC games so I have no idea. I know that we've got the details of everyone who's bought it, and so do other distributors like Gamersgate and D2D.
and I know that games give out free content all the time, so it can't be a big hassle...

I dunno-.. by the time it comes out in a couple months I'm sure we will've made it pretty clear. This is the first I've even mentioned it tbh.
LOL good thing I'm not community manager!

Coming on- I MEAN...to your userpage is always a delight.

I loved No Time To explain. Can't wait for this.


... "loved" ?

You updated your mini avatar but you still need to update your big pic before the redesign launches! IT WON'T BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOUR HANDSOME SMILE.

<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/icons/submit/userpic/">http://www.newgrounds.com/icons/submi t/userpic/</a>

oh I thought I already did that, ok

I loved it in the &quot;That's a good a game.&quot; kind of way. I don't actually feel affection for it. I don't want to open the game, go off to Vegas and marry my computer. And I certainly don't want to have loads of pixelated half children half computer creatures with it. If I did, I would take myself to a mental hospital as soon as possible.

if that was a roundabout way of saying "this game is good but it's not that great" then yea sure, I can get down with that.