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No Time kickstarter showstopper

Posted by I-smel - May 30th, 2011


We raised MORE THAN TRIPLE what we asked for- fuck, we raised nearly quadruple what we asked for, and still managed to give the game to hundreds, thousands o people for half price. This is fucking straight-up win-win.
So THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO GOT INVOLVED, I think the attention we got from this might prove to be worth way more than the money. I can't talk about most of it, but we've bin invited to speak at places, we're doing interviews, a whole fucking bunch of different giants want to eat us-- as well as the small victories like getting on Gametrailers and someone making us a Giantbomb page-- we're turning into an up-and-running THING overnight thanks to just the fact that everyone's joining in (and arcane magiks).

I should make a charity game once this is finished, someone remind me.

So yeah, the $1 poster art is out there, I was mostly inspired by the promo art Castle Crashers had on the left n right of Newgrounds-- but I couldn't find it! If anyone has that, please send it me.
The beta and level maker are comin out in the next couple days, I just have to learn a bit more on ssssserver communications :|
We have like a litteBigPlanet PLAY EVERYONE'S LEVELS thing in the game, and that's what we're finishing today, as well as rounding up all the $25+ people and making usernames n passwords for em.

Also a couple days ago I put out a little project where I put all the dates I knew from videogames onto one timeline, and asked for people to contribute like a wiki; but nobody liked it. So-... nevermind.

Also I couldn't sleep one night and drew another fanart for Wisenheimers, which is Lazymuffin and HotdiggedyDemon's podcast, which you should check out cos it's funny sometimes.

I think that's everything............. I think that's everythinnnnnnggggg................. ACTUALLY WAIT;
One thing that bugged me in this whole Kickstarter thing, apart from all the new game developers that popped up on Kickstarter over the passed couple months, was the one place that definatively hated us. I couldn't find ANY COMPLAINTS (and I looked!) apart from on the Steam forums, where everyone universally said "I hate these fucking Kickstarters where they hold the game hostage until they get enough money"... who thinks like that? I wouldn't care if all the commenters on Kotaku said that, and I wouldn't really care if people just hated the game, but what is that about?

Last things first I found this guy's youtube channel today and oh my goooooooooodddd I love this guy.

also fuck L.A Noire, I'm starting the same interrogation like 12 times cos I didn't go to the right places in the right order 2 hours ago.

No Time kickstarter showstopper


yo there is some GOOD art on the front page right now

Good job man on the art style! Did you make a million bucks yet?

not yet, but we came close one day

flash game be sweet - real thing better be diabetic. or elzzzzz

Lol, that's really the last game I would have expected to turn into a big "for realz" project. It seemed like a little weekend game done for shits and giggles. But then, the trailer looks cool, so good luck with everything! Maybe it'll explode into awesomeness.

It WAS a weekend project!

I'm not thinking of it as the same game expanded out, it's kind of a new game that's familiar to the first one. The first one is basically an interactive trailer at this point.

A reason why people didn't like your timeline project might be because the presentation is really boring. It should look all snazzy and easily navigatable.

aaaaaaa I didn't wanna buffer it up with a bunch of useless shit, I just made it as an app one day.

There's definately more exciting timelines out there though, I could've made it a lot cooler.
Maybe if I made all the entries seem like real life newspaper articles that would've bin cool.


Look at you getting all internet popular.
I wish you luck with your future projects!
(Now make april and booster into a full game)


EDIT- if I was gonna make a scrolling shooter again I'd make one where you could punch and throw guys/things.

i have the castle crashers art you're referring to..I can probably dig it up.

cool! I was looking for it while makin this

I think the only people that would probably hate you are the ones that had to totally butcher their idea and soul of their game to satisfy a sponsor/corporate quota, but even in that scenario, the hate should really be towards getting themselves into that situation.

Anywho congrats

Congrats man! I kept seein' your game all over Kickstarter and had no doubt that you'd succeed there.

I think valve should hire that guy for half life 3

Lionhead Studios hired him for Fable 3, I don't know if he's still there or not.

It's a good fit though isnit?

You could include April in 'There is no time to explain' like as a bonus character, or a robot dinosaur or somrthing

Nah I don't think enough people've played any o my games for it to be relevant

also I wonder why everyone's calling it "There is no time to explain"

I used to live in Manchester when I was a kid, Stockport, 72 ashburn road :) nice games mate

You are always saying that nobody plays your games, why don't you advertise them in this game?

I don't wanna put any other games I've made in here as easter eggs or anything cos nobody'd recognise em.
They're just web games that were only popular for like a week or something. Nobody remembers the other games I've made.