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li'l No Time trailer, and Portal talk

Posted by I-smel - April 24th, 2011

HEY! We just put up a tiny little "Don't forget this is still a thing!" trailer. I was kinda worried about this one cos there's a lot o stuff I don't want Alex to show just yet, but it looks alright and it's pretty funny.
We argued over what to have as a logo, cos I love doing whacky over-elaborate title screens so I wanted something like Splosion Man, but Alex manages a shitload of web games so he was bein all logical about it and said we should have something like the Meat Boy face. Long-story short, the crab guy has a BLUE shirt now cos it stands out from the orange crab claw! Which is super weird for me cos I play it like every day.

Our Kickstarter's over $17,000so I guess that's news. Thanks to anyone who's gettin stuff. My parents are still telling me to get a real job.

BLOG SHIT: Yo let's talk about Portal 2! I'm diein to have a real conversation about this; Portal is the main inspiration of what I'm doin right now cos it's the only modern massive attempt at a comedy game, and they fuckin nailed it.

The ending was GREAT, it was super feel-good, adorable, and a total celebration fo everythin they'd done so far. And there are some pretty funny lines in there; but there's a lot that really threw me off.
A lot of the dialogue really spelled out the jokes. They used "there's a surprise in the next room" about 5 times, they were still explaining the GlaDOS-Caroline thing about 2 hours after I'd allready got it, and the robots talk so slow n allways repeat themselves. I was playing it just now n Wheatley said:
"You'll love this next test so much.. you might even say: you'll love it... to death.
...Til you're dead. Til-- You'll love it so much, you'll be dead. You pickin up on this? Am-- Are you getting this? What I'm saying?" and GlaDOS says "Yes... We get it".
And they do that SO MUCH where they had an idea for a joke and streeeeeeetched it all the way out, or had a surprise and foreshadowed it way too much.

And GlaDOS is WAY DIFFERENT here! In the first one she was like an early-build robot who didn't really understand humans, and was like a baby tantrum girl. But here she's like an omnipotent genius murder robot like in Futurama, or Pinky and the Brain, or just any old stereotype evil villain.
The joke about her being a robot and thinking like a robot is totally gone. You can hear straight away in this, and then this, how she's a different character now.
Not that I'm super complaining, I just think it's interesting.

Also, just like Half Life 2, it didn't feel like this game had a story or arc at all, it just felt like a list of events and locations to check out, and your objective's allways "go after the bad-guy".
Yeah there's SO MUCH shit to say about this game, but I've not got noone to talk about it with.

hey reg, what up

li'l No Time trailer, and Portal talk

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Where are you posting progress, here and tig? I'm wondering what other places there are.. maybe destructoid and indieDB? Id feel weird posting my games on indieDB cause games like Overgrowth are on there.

here, my devlog on tigsource, and one other forum that's not about games or anything. I'm not gonna link that cos I'm A LITTLE BIT too honest about stuff.
I talk about different stuff where ever it is though, cos I don't think Tigsource really gives a shit about what I'm saying, so I keep it short there.

I've tried posting stuff on game websites like GiantBomb, but people on game forums are dumb a lot o the time, and they mostly just wanna give some snarky one-line review.

I could put it on indieDB, but I've never bin there. How long has Overgrowth bin in development! Oh my god!

I loved Portal 2!

I can't believe I watched the whole walkthrough without buying the game!

aw you jerk! how does anyone do that
I know someone who noclipped through Portal 1, what is up with these clowns

I also got portal 1 through that free promotion!
I suck and am poor...

I've got 1 game on Steam and it's a free Portal

Lol, good to know I wasn't the only one who got the free steam version of portal.

I loved it, it was just way too short ...

Also, NTtE looks like it's shaping into a fairly open-ended epic rocket-platformer/side-scroller/actio n-puzzler... wait, what is the official genre??

You're gonna still be asking the same thing after the game's over.

I've bin calling it a "comedy platformer"

id say youre more of a dark comedy

no, dark comedy's weird and gross.

The first time GLaDOS freaked out about knowing Cave, ("Yes Sir, Mr. Johnson" Wait a minute, who is he? What the hell is going on here?" I knew she was Caroline.

I know! And then they kept teasing at that for 2 more hours after everyone'd allready got it. So when they finally revealed it nobody cared.
Also I feel like that whole side-story kind-of had nothing to do with anything, I thought they were gonna really tie it all together, but they did nothing interesting with the idea that GlaDOS is a person.

I let em off at the end where they said "Caroline deleted!" cos that felt like they were just saying "Aaaeeehhh who cares, It's fucking Portal!"

I agree 100% with you on everything you said about portal 2. And indeed, especially when GLaDOS was a potato she seemed to have more emotions, but that was also the time when she partially found out she was Caroline and got confused, also she didn't have her ''superpowers''. so thats alot to change someone/thing. I loved Wheatley, sometimes the jokes were stretched indeed, but without him the game wouldn't be the same. The ending was epic, I LOL'd hard when I shot the moon and shitstorms occured. I was completely satisfied with the ending.

I think when they tried to humanise GlaDOS at the whole potato part is when she came out with the worst lines. Like "BIRD!! Kill it! It's evil!!"
That sounds like a joke my little sister would write.
And the whole part where she was sticking up fr you and talkin about how dumb Wheatley is? It was like a Dreamworks movie or something, I thought it was WAY more fun when she had this weird broken robot-brain like in the first one.

I think I just didn't like any of the jokes where they humanised the robots. I liked all the "At the sound of the buzzer, stare at this painting for 6 seconds" and "To help with the test, smooth jazz will be deployed in 3.. 2.. 1" jokes about just how dumb Aperture Science was, and how robots dont know how to deal with people.

I liked Wheatley and loved the ending

never played any Portal yet, maybe I should

What happened to the awesome music from the flash game? Aren't you using that anylonger? :<

Our music guy's made a new version of it, but I don't think it sounds like videogame music in this version.