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No Time update: I wrote a thing and was on a cast

Posted by I-smel - April 2nd, 2011

I JUST NOW wrote a big fat blog post on a part of game design that I'm really interested in.
Some people were askin for bigger posts, so there ya go.
Please tell me if I sound like a pretentious douche yet. I haven't done one o these for weeks.

We released a trailer yesterday that will hopefully answer any questions people were asking about the first one. There was loads of comments, and I think this shows accurately where our priorities are with this:

You can download the music from the site. By the way it's MrFuby. I've bin calling him "the music guy" all this time but it turns out it's some Newgrounds dude, same as me, same as Druox the voice guy. So basically Newgrounds rules, Fuby rules, and you should check him out.

Me n Alex were invited on a podcast a couple days ago to talk about the game, but oh my god I was so bad on it. I fuckin BURN THROUGH podcasts every day, but this was my first time bein on one and it was impossible. Explaining your game is one thing, but when it's about alternate dimensions and time-travel and this weird beam-mechanic then you just sound like the biggest twat in the world. Words-- just fell out of me. For 20 minutes. It's not up yet, I might not even link it.

This summer I'm gonna have to fly to Holland to incorporate a business and sign some shit, then I'm gonna come back, and fly to fucking SEATTLE to have a BOOTH at PAX. That's what we're talking about anyway, it's not 100%.
But what the fuck, I'm gonna be going to countires I don't know shit about, on my own, ON BUSINESS.

Hopefully before any o that weird shit kicks off I'll be pretty confident with where the game's at. I added some cool stuff this week, workin on a new gun dude. Not sure if he's cool or not.

No Time update: I wrote a thing and was on a cast

Comments (10)

That was epic.

stop pretending you know shit about game design and make your stupid game where you move around with a laser beam while a guy yells stupid shit

hey registar, thanks again for saying our first trailer was "actually really cool", and thanks for bein one o the first people to comment every week, we appreciate your support.

stop ruining life with your games!

Oh man, I'm making a somewhat silly game myself, guess that means I shouldn't try to think about what I can learn from looking at successful games. Thank you for bringing me back down to earth, Registar, I was becoming dangerously conceited!

Everyone should take their tough life lessons about not thinking about things and not trying things from practical, charitable people like Registar.

Am I the only one who feels like they accomplished something after they listen to a two hour podcast from start to finish?

I watched this trailer you posted, and I was like

"Finally, a developer who just GETS IT!"

No really, I watched it for like over a minute and a half before I realized it wasn't going to do anything else.

Perhaps you should assign a button in the game specifically for the purpose of doing that dance.

Games looking great, keep up the good work you corporate sellout!
I mean...
Games looking great, keep up the good work you rising star!

youre right, I should put a /dance in for every dude

I counted eleven different facial expressions. Good job. Now go sell out and unleash your inner rage.

I cant sell out, there's no publisher

Does 'Lemon' count as a facial expression?


hilarious lil trailer.

and you really have a great touch with your games, your movement and impact is always so crisp.

I really wish I could release the biker game, cos that's the best one in terms of feeling like a real thing.

im doing that dance right now

I never even thought of how it'd look in real life