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Aside from the pop culture type stuff (which I'm blissfully ignorant of), I think you're pretty close to the mark. However, the folks who are protesting seem to be clueless to the way the world works. They're protesting unchecked exploitation, when they can't even exploit their own cause. If they were at home or at work, they could find any number of things to spew about online - out in the field though, they're worthless. Given enough time, some of them might actually take a vote, and find out what exactly they are fighting for.
A difficult task, considering how Machiavellian our stupid way of life has become here in the States. Try not to dwell on our soon-to-be-tits-up country... the sun is surely falling in the West.

shut up and fix theres no time and make it fun...

No TIme To Explain will never be fun!

everyone who supports the cause tells me 'you can't figure out what you want until after you throw out the leaders' rofl

yeah there's also that, but I didnt wanna get into that

What do these wall street people expect to happen?

I've bin trying to find out for the passed week and I don't think they know.

true.... true

I guess this fiasco will be featured in your next :The Game: installment?

oh absolutely!

Scratch that. You're just gonna take the Dead Space Invaders and put their ugly mugs in the space of the aliens and...

Yeah, whatever. The guy who REALLY made :The Game: will likely include this fiasco.

By thy way, the riot is bullshit. If I were there, I'd be speaking to people, gauging their interests, and looking into going into business for ourselves. Milton Hershey didn't give a fuck about the depression economy. He kept his people around. We wouldn't have a riot if more of us were like Milton Hershey, willing to seek opportunities to advance and to carry others along the way.

Well I had no idea this was happening, til I decided to check out what my old pal I-smel was up to. I suppose that just proves your internet theory!

yeah your point makes sense though, for a young crowd protesting you'd think they woulda thought about this stuff by now.

It makes me think of when I was on this games course in college, and 90% of the people there were working to develop a skill, and then hand in an intern application at some giant studio that'll walk all over em... We don't live in the 60s here guys! I'm selling a .exe to 50 different countries and I've not bought so much as an office-chair ffs.

The Westboro Baptist Church are the most famous protesters out there; they write press releases, they have slogans and logos, their website's great, they do any little interview, they get everywhere. I'm just sayin...

thinking about it, maybe since the legislation are all old, the way to reach them has to be an old tactic as well. maybe they could care less what you post on youtube or twitter as long as you're not interrupting their conflabbit dagnabbit golf courses

The legislation is definately old, I'm talkin about getting millions more people aware of this so it's a culturally-prevalent issue, instead of some thing nobody's heard of.

how bad do you really smell anyway

not as bad as I used to, but still more than most people.


I just went over that.